Samo. – Natural Hotel Candles

Natural Hotel Candles

SAMO. – Natural Hotel Candles

Founded in 2018 by Charlotte Breton, Samo Paris is a brand of scented and illustrated Natural Hotel Candles, with a “zero waste” approach. Glass jars and cardboard packagings are recycled. Scented candles are entirely made in Paris in Samo’s workshop.

Charlotte Breton, the designer has developed a wax – based on coconut from fair agriculture – respectful of the environment, it goes well with all the original perfumes of Grasse (France). All Natural Hotel Candles are GMO-free, without phthalates and without additives. The intervention of illustrators on the packaging of candles is one distinctive elements of Samo. Colourful, stylised, they have never deserved their status of decorative object.

Samo presents a new range in 2019.

Not one, but two collections in glass, an illustrated composition of sixteen Natural Hotel Candles and an amber collection. It’s also a new wax, new illustrators and for the first time a limited edition for Christmas and another one for the summer.

Natural Hotel Candles – A wax like no other

Samo chose coconut wax for its natural and environmental qualities. it burns slowly and allows a better diffusion of the perfumes. initially, the coconut wax is odourless.

Water resources being the major problem of the 21st century, the coconut, little consumer of natural resources does not lend itself to mass production. It is a family culture and ancestral.

With coconut, nothing lost, everything is transformed.

A nose story

The scents of Samo’s Natural Hotel Candles come from Grasse, the emblematic city of master perfumers.

Charlotte has composed some of the fragrances in the collection, to associate them with memories. To meet the expectations of consumers, perfumes are subjected to toxicity tests, according to French standards and do not contain phthalates.

Wax, perfume and nothing more.

Custom Natural Hotel Candles

The Natural Hotel Candles in the custom collection are made only for you.
Choose the scent of your candles (among the 12 in the collection) and what you want to write on it: a nickname, a name, a favourite neighbourhood, a city of hearts, a simple letter or a symbol …

The only limit is the size of the pot. They are unique and at your image.

They are also customisable to your image brand with a logo. We can also create the olfactory identity of your brand.


Natural Hotel Candles
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