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SAHRAI Milano – Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Carpets

Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Carpets

SAHRAI Milano – Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Carpets

Custom Made Carpets / Bespoke Hotel Rugs Designed in Italy

The SAHRAI Milano Contract Division is the ideal partner for construction companies, interior design studios and architects. Sahrai Milano carries a comprehensive support activity in various projects such as hospitality, residential, yachting, fashion and jewellery retail stores, private air transport, outdoor. SAHRAI Milano has developed a collection of Bespoke Hotel Rugs, Custom made Carpets and wall-to-wall carpets characterized by the distinctive attention to design and choice of textures.


Hand tufting is by far the quickest technique to produce Hotel Rugs and Custom Made Carpets by hand and is used both for contemporary and classic patterns. We specialise in creating Bespoke Hotel Rugs using our knowledge and expertise in the area. Hand tufted, Custom Made carpets can be customized in terms of colour combination, texture, shape and dimension to suit any requirements. SAHRAI Milano uses only the best quality materials: New Zealand wool, widely known to be the best wool quality for Bespoke Hotel rugs and carpets, natural silk which gives a beautiful and luxurious feel and bamboo silk which offers all the quality of natural silk at a more competitive price.


By using advanced Electronic Jacquard Axminster Looms, SAHRAI Milano is able to produce the most complex and creative Designs, as well as large scaled patterns, with the use of up to 16 colours. We promise the best experience in Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Rugs. SAHRAI Milano Axminster Custom Made carpets have excellent appearance, retention, durability, dimensional stability and underfoot comfort. They are suitable for hotel’s guest-rooms, corridors and public areas, convention centers, corporate headquarters, airports and cruise lines as they withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas, thanks to the anti-static nylon, which gives additional strength.SAHRAI Milano Axminster carpets are in fact woven in 80% wool and 20% nylon or in 100% nylon.

Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Carpets – MACHINE TUFTED

Machine Tufting is a cost effective technique that produces endless textural and design possibilities, from geometric to unstructured. The Machine Tufted quality allows to have different looks on the surface of the Custom Made carpet, such as plush cut pile, multi-loop, cut and loop, upper pile and carving. Even though it is the most cost effective, it still allows for top quality Bespoke Hotel Rugs. This type of carpet is suitable for hotel guest rooms and meeting rooms, as it requires high minimum quantities.


SAHRAI Milano Outdoor Bespoke Hotel Rugs are an innovation in this field, as they are hand tufted in polypropylene. They are conceived as a continuation of our indoor Bespoke Hotel Rug Collections and the result is a Collection of very soft and luxurious Custom Made carpets.

Our internal Design Studio has developed a colour chart with 28 colours that can be combined in order to achieve the desired effect.

The Sahrai Milano Outdoor carpets characteristics are:

-100% non toxic in accordance with European and American legislation

-Bespoke Hotel Rugs / Custom Made Rugs

-Resistant to fungus, bacteria, sunlight, humidity, chlorine, food stains and sweat

-Compatible with tact of delicate baby skin

-Termoregulating and transpiring

-Environmentally friendly: require low energy for the cleaning cycle, long lasting, 100% recyclable.


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Phedra  Ghalebeigi – Managing Director – SAHRAI Milano

Expert in Bespoke Hotel Rugs

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