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Roootz – Luggage Racks for Hotels

Luggage Racks for Hotels

Roootz – Luggage Racks for Hotels

ROOOTZ focus is to design, manufacture and sell high quality luggage racks for hotels. All ROOOTZ Hotel Luggage Racks are designed with an eye for detail and functionality. The luggage racks can be customised with customer logo’s and can be made in different sizes or colours. This opportunity gives the ROOOTZ hotel luggage racks their unique character to fit in every hotel room.

The ROOOTZ customers praise ROOOTZ for their high service level, innovative designs and high-quality products.

High Quality Foldable Luggage Racks

Roootz only uses the best high-quality materials in its luggage racks. Their hotel luggage racks are equipped with strong straps in nylon or in leather to hold heavy suitcases without any problems. The main material for the roootz hotel luggage racks is European Beechwood, stainless steel or powder coated steel. And off course all luggage racks are finished with gliders to protect the floor.

All roootz products are sold with a 2 year warrantee and with the never out of stock policy ROOOTZ is able to deliver more than 50 different luggage racks from stock. With her products roootz aspires to make a unique contribution to creating attractive hotel rooms.

The Roootz Compact Luggage Rack in Wood

folding Luggage Racks for HotelsThe wooden roootz compact luggage rack is in stock in 4 colors: Natural Beechwood, Walnut Color, Black Color and White Color. This luggage rack is also available with backstand to protect the walls in the hotel rooms.

Features of the roootz compact luggage rack in wood:

  • Very Compact when folded
  • Strong and Stable
  • Easy to store in the wardrobe
  • Three strong exchangeable straps
  • Two year warranty
  • Dutch design
  • Produced in Europe
  • Possibility to add a custom logo embroidery on one of the nylon straps

The Roootz Curvy Hotel Luggage Rack

folding Luggage Racks for Hotels - roootzThe roootz Curvy Luggage Rack is made from European Beechwood. This hotel luggage rack is manufactured with a special technique that makes it possible to bent the wood into it’s feminine shape. Roootz is very proud to be the first supplier to sell a bentwood Hotel Luggage Rack in the world!

The Hotel Luggage Rack is equipped with 3 strong black nylon straps and available from stock in 4 colors: Natural, Walnut, Black and White.

It is also possible to finish this luggage rack in any RAL colour or a different wood colour to match every hotel room design.

Features of the roootz curvy hotel luggage rack:

  • Strong Black nylon straps
  • Stable and Sturdy
  • Possibility to finish in any RAL or wood colour
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Made in Europe
  • 1 tree is planted for every 3 luggage racks sold

The Roootz Compact Luggage Rack in Stainless Steel

roootz- folding racks for hotels

The roootz compact luggage rack in stainless steel is available from stock with 6 different strap options.
•Black, Brown, Grey and White Leather Straps
•Black and Grey Nylon Straps

This luggage rack has an easy fold-up design for space saving storage. It is made of welded stainless steel. The brushed chrome finish gives this luggage rack a unique look. The roootz Compact luggage racks provide easy access to the luggage. The luggage racks look stylish and are user friendly.

Features of the roootz compact luggage rack in Stainless Steel:

  • Welded stainless steel with brushed chrome finish
  • Easy fold-up design for space-saving storage
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Three strong straps

3 Luggage racks sold = 1 Tree for WeForest

Sustainability: Roootz would like to contribute to a healthier climate and a greener planet. For every 3 luggage racks sold one tree is planted in cooperation with Roootz would like to help restoring our planet’s natural resources and stop the global temperature rise. Yes, roootz is using wood for part of their hotel luggage racks , but by using European Beechwood roootz makes sure the wood is harvested in forests where trees are planted back immediately. No tropical hardwood, but solid and strong European Beech wood.

Why plant trees?

Trees will suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse global warming:

  • Forests balance the Earth’s water-cycle essential for cooling our climate
  • Forests stabilise the climate by sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and fix it into soils and biomass.
  • 50% of a tree’s biomass is carbon which remains stored, acting as a ‘carbon sink’, unless the tree decays or is burned.
  • Global forests are estimated to hold more CO2 than the atmosphere.

Hotel Luggage Racks – References

Since Roootz was founded in 2016, a long list of worldwide references is build up. Roootz is proud to do business in more than 50 countries. With the help of our international customers, our distributors and hospitality professionals the Roootz luggage racks can be found in more than 10.000 hotel rooms already.



hotel luggage racks
Luggage Racks For Hotels

Dieke De Koning – Owner – Roootz

Expert In Luggage Racks For Hotels

With our brand roootz we strive for excellence with our unique blend of functional design and attention to detail using simple shapes and high quality materials. With our products, we aspire to make a unique contribution to creating attractive hotel rooms. The roootz products are manufactured in Europe. This is a conscious choice. We want to ensure that we deliver high quality products with short lead times. Furthermore, we can guarantee that our products are made and transported with love for people and our environment. We guarantee a decent product at a fair price.

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