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Qraft Lighting – Bespoke Hotel Lighting / Decorative Hotel Lighting / Hotel Reading Lights

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Bespoke Hotel Lighting, Hotel Reading Lights, Guest Room Lighting

Bespoke Hotel Lighting / Decorative Hotel Lighting and Hotel Reading Lights

Qraft Lighting is a British-based bespoke hotel lighting and decorative hotel lighting manufacturer with a passion for design and crafting beautiful bespoke hotel lighting for the hospitality market. We prioritise our client’s individual needs whilst ensuring complete attention to detail, exceptional quality, and fine craftsmanship. We offer a range of standard in-house design products for instance hotel reading lights and other hotel guest room lighting, and offer a highly bespoke hotel lighting design service. We pride ourselves on being a creative, open, honest, and trustworthy lighting brand.

Hotel Guest Room Lighting

We understand every project is unique and therefore often requires a unique design. We work alongside private clients, architects, and interior designers alike to help customise any design for any project. Whether it is to change a colour of hotel guest room lighting or to alter the size of a hotel reading light, we have fine-tuned our bespoke hotel lighting manufacturing capability to cater to all needs. Our flexibility and ability to adapt sets us apart from our competition.

Bespoke Hotel Lighting Design Process

WE LISTEN – We begin by listening to your requirements and understanding your vision. Our team can help in the bespoke hotel lighting design process to refine or bring clarity. We can begin a design from scratch or work to a sketch, all the way to something as simple as a series of reference images.

WE DEFINE – Bespoke Hotel Lighting and Decorative Hotel Lighting requires careful attention to detail and often bespoke finishes. Our skilled team will help you define the various components and clarify the details every step of the way. Once budgets have been defined and costs are approved, our designers will supply you with drawings and visuals to illustrate how your lights will look.

WE PROTOTYPE – Upon confirmation of the design, we always encourage the production of prototypes depending on the bespoke hotel lighting project scale and budget. At this stage, we will take over and use the best production methods available to create your custom masterpiece.

WE DELIVER – Once the prototype or final drawings have been approved we are then able to produce as required. We understand the importance of being punctual and reliable. We pride ourselves on being dependable, adaptable, and efficient partners. We promise to all customers the best service based on high-quality manufacturing, exceptional after care, delivering quality products on time and at minimum cost.

Hotel Reading Lights – We Craft

Crafting bespoke hotel lighting and hotel reading lights is an art and we have refined this over time allowing us to transform spaces through stunning designs built to stand the test of time. Our operational excellence is based on lean manufacturing, elimination of waste while delivering quality products on time, at minimum cost, and with greater efficiency.

Hotel Guest Room Lighting – We Innovate

Creativity drives innovation and we continuously strive to be the best. To achieve excellence both in our service and our hotel guest room lighting and bespoke hotel lighting products, we invest heavily into research and development of design trends and technologies. This also includes innovation in our operations and manufacturing techniques which help us improve lead times, delivery, and pricing.

Decorative Hotel Lighting – We Care

Trustworthiness is the basis for everything we do and we value all the people we work with. The company has been built on the foundations of integrity, openness, and trust. Our decorative hotel lighting services do not end at the point of a sale. The aftercare and relationship are what bring mutual respect and are equally as important. We ensure our operations comply with the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and national Labour laws and regulations. Speak to us about our decorative hotel lighting designs today!



Decorative Hotel Lighting, Bespoke Hotel Lighting, Hotel Reading Lights, Guest Room Lighting


Decorative Hotel Lighting, Bespoke Hotel Lighting, Hotel Reading Lights, Guest Room Lighting

Ganesh – Sales Director

Expert in bespoke hotel lighting, decorative hotel lighting and hotel reading lights

With a background in electrical engineering and a Masters in Light and Lighting from the Bartlett School of Design at UCL, Ganesh has a wealth of experience in both lighting product design & engineering. He offers an in depth knowledge on energy efficient LED technology, international regulations and certifications, supply chain and onsite installation management. He is adept in international logistics, operation management in both global giants and smaller owner-managed businesses. Ganesh and our team of creative and passionate designers would love to hear from you.

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