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Hotel Bathroom Products

Antibacterial Hotel Bathroom Products

Since 1973 Ponte Giulio is committed in the development of any sort of bathroom, according to the customer’s needs. Besides style and design, our mission is also creating solutions for a safe and hygienic toilet, protected by bacterias and microbes and easy to clean. Thanks to their vinyl coating treated with silver-ion technology (developed by BioCote), the grab bars on our hotel bathroom products are completely antibacterial and represent a great help to avoid falls or loss of equilibrium (their surface is anti slip and warm to touch). Available in 15 different colours and made with biocompatible materials. For more information visit our website:

PONTE GIULIO is an Italian, world leading manufacturer of safety and comfort products for bathrooms, with a range of hotel bathroom products: modern grab bars, elegant shower seats and contemporary accessories suitable for commercial, healthcare, hospitality and residential applications.

Ponte Giulio’s 30+ years experience allows to provide non-institutional looking solutions with a design that is modern, elegant and with the Made in Italy touch. Ponte Giulio creates inclusive living spaces for all, by designing stylish bathrooms which improve quality of life.

Hotel Bathroom Products

HUG  – Life Caring design

A new concept of inclusive bathroom where grab bars, shower seats and accessories are modern and stylish with a non-institutional look. Hotel bathroom products with essential shapes and contemporary finishes to make every hotel bathroom a safe and welcoming space for all. Every bathroom can be accessible without you noticing! Customers will truly feel at home.

HUG is a modular bathroom concept where all elements work synergically. The grab bars are the centrepiece safety elements which also serve as supports for accessories and furniture, allowing personalisation of the space at design stage and enabling everyday adaptability and versatility.

Hotel Bathroom Products: Elegant grab bars

Ponte Giulio developed this line of grab bars with a modern and non-institutional look that comes with all their hotel bathroom products. The flangeless design provides a sleek appearance and the contemporary finishes meet with architects highest demands for uniqueness and out-of-the box traits. Yet the products are incredibly sturdy with a tested load capacity of up to 150Kgs. The bars can be integrated with accessories and pieces of furniture for maximum personalisation.

Removable folding arm

The design team at Ponte Giulio created this modern looking folding arm which comes in various colour combinations. Available in different sizes and with optional soft armrest padding or roll holder, this can bear not only a substantial vertical load (100Kg or 150Kg depending on the length) but also supports 100 Kgs when pulled from the sides. When the hotel bathroom product is not needed, it can be either folded up against the wall or even fully removed and stored away. This unique feature allows hotels to make every bathroom quickly ready for accessible use.

Hotel Bathroom Products: Shower seats, stool and chair

The seats, stool and chair provide added safety and comfort not just in the shower but anywhere in the bathroom. The look is modern and elegant and the finishes can be mixed with those of the grab bars and other hotel products for full matching. The shower seat holds up to 150Kgs and can be equipped with optional backrests and armrests for additional comfort. When not in use it folds up against the wall, taking very little space and leaving lots of room in the shower. Not willing to drill walls for a shower seat? A safe showering experience can still be provided by fitting a stool or chair which can also be used in front of the washbasin.

SOLO shower column. The safe shower rail

The first shower column to be also safe. With a weight load resistance up to 200 Kg, this shower column provides a relaxing showering experience while ensuring safety. Available in many different configurations and matching the style of other hotel bathroom products it allows hotels to make every bathroom safe without even noticing. A special built-in water channeling system ensures the bar never gets hot providing extra safety and comfort for the user.


Hotel Bathroom Products
Hotel Bathroom Products




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