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With a wide range of more than 3.000 products Pomax stands  for a total concept in interior design, from candles to table art and  decoration, from textile to lighting and furniture, for all spaces in  and around the hotel.

Pomax is a leading interior brand with roots in Antwerp,  Belgium. In 1993 it started as an enterprise, that mainly  imported glassware from Eastern Europe, but today Pomax  has grown into a lifestyle brand, with more than 3000 references, that is distributed throughout  Europe at more than 1500 multi-brand stores.

We are active in nine product categories: tableware & accessories, furniture, textile, decoration items, candles, lighting, wall art, garden & orangery and a limited assortment of Christmas decoration.

Our brand position is based on cosiness and our unique way of putting interiors together focusses on creating emotions of wellbeing, which turns out to be a unique selling point when it comes to the hospitality sector.

Over the last few years our teams got more and more involved in bringing this cosiness to hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, catering companies, etc.  We are known for our personal approach and hands-on mentality.

Tableware & Accessories

The Pomax tableware and kitchen utensils give you both high-quality and very unique products.  All the dishes in our collections are made of natural materials, shaped by human hands, and glazed with coloured, transparent, matt, or reactive glazes, which acquire subtle colours and special effects under the influence of the heat during the baking process.  It is precisely because of this unpredictability that the selection process is very rigorous: all parts of the service must match each other in terms of colour, appearance, and shape.  Each piece is carefully checked by means of a noise test and any non-conformity is removed from the selection and reprocessed into a raw material.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, Pomax also provides quality adapted to everyday life: all our tableware is made of porcelain, earthenware, or stoneware, and since they are baked at very high temperatures, they are always suitable for use in the oven (up to a temperature of 250°C). Fully in accordance with the current dining etiquette, Pomax also offers several complementary series: products that can be mixed and matched with existing tableware.  Next to cutlery there are also glasses made of a super-strong, ultra-resistant crystalline, a material composed of natural glass crystals and platinum, which prevents refractory inclusions from forming in the glass surface.   The result is a perfectly clear glass surface, even after several cycles through the dishwasher.  In addition, they are made in Slovakia using the ‘elongated stem’ technique, a process that combines two parts (the chalice and the foot) into one solid product, which significantly increases its resistance.  Glasses made using this process are flexible and therefore extremely durable, which makes them particularly suitable for the hospitality industry.


Pomax’s wide range of contemporary furniture is perfect for fashionably and comfortably upgrading the interior of your hotel, restaurant or workspace.

Surprising materials, playful colours, and elegant shapes allow you to personalise your interior in a stylish way. The core values of Pomax are integrated in a unique way based on the latest trends.

Not only are you welcomed by attractive furniture made of natural materials, which radiate warmth and conviviality through their authentic, simple shapes, colours, and materials, but our industrial touch collection pieces combine the cool effect of metal with wood, bamboo, and textiles.


Responsible entrepreneurship while simultaneously offering aesthetic and user-friendly products: this commitment is uniquely expressed in our textile range. Soft and comfortable fabrics, cheerful colours, and dynamic accents, many of which are made by hand.

The utmost care is taken to make sure our cushions are woven and knitted by actual people and not by machines.  A variety of different materials is used but especially soft cotton velvet, natural viscose, wool and durable acrylic. The filling of our cushions is made of fire-retardant materials for optimal safety.

Plaids adorn the interior of your hotel and provide the ultimate protection against the cold: super soft and loosely woven from thick threads of acrylic yarn, faux fur in deep colours, made of thick, soft wool and shaped like an oversized scarf, or backed with teddy… the warmer the better.

In addition to our handmade indoor rugs, we also have outdoor rugs made of high-quality Decolan. This is a fine, high-quality, synthetic, heat-set yarn, which has a wool-like appearance, but is super resistant. Any stain (coffee, wine, etc.) can be removed simply using a high-pressure cleaner. What’s even better: these rugs are manufactured in Belgium, which means that our ecological footprint is also significantly smaller.

Decoration items

Regardless of your style or budget, you will find the perfect decoration at Pomax to make your house a home. Our rich range leaves you with an impressive amount of choice: from hand-blown glassware and ceramic vases, to multifunctional metal pieces, tea lights in glass jars and lanterns in all shapes and sizes, trays and baskets, coat racks, and other accessories for indoors and outdoors.

Lighting & wall art

Choosing the right lighting is absolutely crucial: the design of your house depends on the right amount of light. Pomax lamps bring your interior to life, exactly as you want it to be.

Floor lamp, table lamp, or pendant lamp – you can find it all at Pomax!  From hand-blown glass to processed metal, from finely woven reed to braided bamboo, from artfully crafted polyresin to silly sandstone agglomerates, the choice is endless.  In addition to lamps that operate on standard mains power, we also have a large number of products in our range that are equipped with LED lights and operate on batteries, which allows you to place them wherever you want.

Next to this wall decoration is becoming important again: whereas it was still bon ton to have completely white walls without any form of decoration until recently, wall accessories are coming back into style.

In addition to mirrors that are not just beautiful or practical, but which also have the ability to enlarge a room optically, this category also includes wall 3D wall elements, clocks and canvases with vivid colours and different textures.

Our wall art collection lets you make personal and artistic statements: your walls tell your story.


Caroline Melis – Sales & Marketing Manager

Expert in Hotel Interior Products

Caroline is not only responsible for sales, but as a marketing manager she knows the ins and outs of most of the products Pomax sells.  She would be happy to respond to any question you might have concerning a product or a concept or direct you to the right person for the job.

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