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Percipia – Hotel Telephony Systems

Hotel Telephony Systems

Percipia – Hotel Telephony Systems

Hospitality PBX, PMS Integration, and Guest Mobile Applications, Hotel Telephony Systems

Hotel technology leader providing telephony and mobility solutions and services.

Frequency PBX ­– Hotel Telephony System

Frequency PBX is an affordable Internet Protocol (IP) phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Unlike other telephony systems, Frequency allows you to select customized packages and enables unified communications between voice services and other network-based applications. Frequency is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allowing you to choose the equipment best suited for your hotel’s profile and budget.



  • 911 Emergency Notifications via Call, Email, SMS, Desktop Pop-up
  • Set and Override Do-Not-Disturb (DND)
  • Guest Caller ID with Parallax*
  • Three-Way Calling and Conference Bridge
  • Suite Feature
  • Custom Music/Messages on Hold Interface
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Email Notification of Voicemail with Audio File Attachment
  • Configurable Greetings/Pass Codes
  • Precision voicemail included – guest & staff voice
  • Reliable Hotel Telephony Systems
  • messaging with web interface
  • Non-proprietary architecture
  • Hardware agnostic – choose any handsets
  • Feature-rich call accounting with analytical reports
  • PMS integration with Parallax (included)

Parallax – Integration Gateway

Parallax is an interface gateway, which integrates a hotel property management system (PMS) with a Hotel Telephony System. Parallax is essential for offering Guest Caller ID, Wake-up Calls, Housekeeping Updates, and many more. Parallax is certified and compatible with virtually all PMSs. Parallax provides hospitality functionality for Frequency PBX, Cisco, Avaya, and NEC. Parallax has a comprehensive suite of applications for IP XML display phones. Running on non-proprietary hardware and can be virtualized, reducing equipment and lowering costs.



  • Guest Information/Caller ID
  • Secondary Check-in/out
  • Set Automated & VIP Wake-up Calls
  • Set and Override Do-Not-Disturb
  • Room Move
  • Room Swap
  • 911 Emergency Features
  • DID Assignment
  • Housekeeping Room Status Updates
  • PBX, PMS and VM’s Status Indicators
  • Housekeeping Status Report
  • Check-in/out Report
  • Mini-bar Report

Hotel Telephony Systems – Precision VM – Guest Voice Mail

Precision VM was built specifically for the hospitality industry. Precision VM is powerful enough to handle both guest and administrative mailboxes while being flexible enough to swap and move between rooms and retrievable from an archive. Never miss a voicemail with our message forward feature; which allows you to listen to your voicemails from anywhere, all you need is access to your emails. We dedicate ourselves to providing a top service in Hotel Telephony Systems.


  • Mailbox Move and Swap Between Rooms
  • Message Forward
  • .wav File Email Notification
  • Full Mailbox Reset
  • Save, Delete, Repeat, Message Information, Forward, Reply, etc.
  • Suite Feature
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Off-Premise Voice Mail Access
  • PMS Text Message Notification
  • Undelete Guest Messages
  • Archive Messages

Informant CAS – Call Accounting Systems

Informant CAS (Call Accounting Software) is a user-friendly program developed for the hospitality industry. Our feature-rich and cost-effective software seamlessly integrates to your property management system for accurate, instant billing to the guest folio. Informant CAS can even track your administrative phones for call activity, abuse of outbound international calling and hold time monitoring.


  • Traffic Analysis
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Abuse and Misuse Detection
  • Cost Allocation
  • Rate Table Updates and Mark-Ups
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Historical Call Archive
  • Carrier Bill Reconciliation
  • Directory
  • Time and Bill Interface
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Integrates with all leading PBX Manufacturers

Latitude – In-Room and Guest Mobile Applications

Latitude mobile application works on both iOS and Android operating systems and may be installed on guest’s devices, in-room tablets, and Android-based phones such as Grandstream, NEC, Avaya, and Yealink. Latitude in-room application also provides call features via Frequency PBX, Avaya Aura, Avaya IP Office, NEC PBX, and Cisco Call Manager. This custom-built app allows you to design and choose everything from the branding to the user-interface to the integrations. You can quickly update Latitude—switch out photos, update descriptions, and add an extension to the directory—with our content management system (CMS). We are the number 1 supplier in Hotel Telephony Systems.

Eliminate extra items from the bedside table—like printed restaurant menus, compendiums, and alarm clocks—by combining all these things in a sleek, easy-to-use application! Your guest can use Latitude to make dinner reservations through OpenTable, view weather, listen to iHeartRadio, and much more! Our developers will work with you to include every feature and integration of your property needs.


  • iOS & Android Platforms
  • Multi-property Capable
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Call Features via Frequency PBX, CUCM,

Aura, IP Office, and NEC

  • In-Room Controls
  • Display Guest Loyalty
  • Spa and Concierge Booking Integration
  • Display and Update Activities and Area Attractions
  • Integrate to Third-Party Partner API’s
  • Make-A-Request
  • Express In-Room Dining
  • Chat Feature
  • Multi-Language
  • Survey and Comment Option

Latitude DS – Digital Signage

Latitude Digital Signage (DS) is an iOS or Android-based application that runs on either a tablet or Android monitor to deliver custom hospitality information to your guest. Use as a guest room door sign, lobby kiosk, or smartboard to display property events, restaurant menus, on and off-site attractions, guest check-in/out, and promotions to generate revenue.

Convert your guest room door plaques to a digital tablet display to feature backlit room numbers, privacy and make-up room status, and on-site promotions. Latitude DS can act as a doorbell and ping your Frequency PBX powered room phone!


  • iOS and Android Platforms
  • Portrait and/or Landscape Orientation
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Display Promotions
  • Property Directory
  • Display Property or Conference Events
  • Display Weather Forecast
  • Display Guest Loyalty
  • Guest Self Check-in/out
  • Email Notification of Voicemail with Audio File Attachment


  • Backlit Room Numbers
  • Privacy On/Off Indicator
  • Make-Up Room Indicator
  • Door Bell


Hotel Telephony Systems

Speleos Dravillas – VP of Global Sales – Percipia

Expert in Hotel Telephony Systems

Speleos is a 25 year veteran in the Unified Communications industry. As Percipia’s Vice President of Global Sales, Speleos is dedicated to fulfilling the traditional needs of hospitality telephony and combining it with next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich mobile applications.

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