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Oteas – Hotel Whole Leaf Tea in 100% Plastic Free Packaging

Hotel Whole Leaf Tea

Hotel Whole Leaf Tea – High Quality Hotel Whole Leaf Tea in 100% Plastic Free Packaging – Oteas

Oteas offers a wide range of high quality hotel leaf tea, hand blended teas and infusions. Plant Based materials are used to make their 100% Plastic Free packaging. Oteas received an award from Be Well Magazine’s Eco Excellence Awards for their innovative sustainable packaging in the tea category. Clean Eating Magazine’s Clean Choice Award was given to Oteas unique Strawberries & Cream blend.

Hotel Leaf Tea – 100% Plastic Free Packaging

Oteas boxes are certified recyclable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our boxes are also printed with vegetable ink, and they can be recycled or composted without concern of chemicals from printing.

The biofilm envelope of the tea bag is certified Home Compostable. It completely decomposes into H2o and Carbon Dioxide. The time it takes to decompose depends on temperature, soil PH and the amount of microorganisms’ present within the soil.

And finally, the tea bag, string and tag are also 100% Biodegradable, and will biodegrade over time as the tea bag is made out of corn starch. Speak to us about your hotel whole leaf tea requirements

Hotel Whole Leaf Tea – High Quality Ingredients

We responsibly source all of our ingredients for our high quality hotel leaf tea from all over the globe. Whole leaves, herbs, flowers and spices make up unique tea blends and infusions. Never crushed and always whole, each tea bag is full of flavour and incredible aroma.

Company Ethos

Oteas high quality whole leaf tea is Good for You, and Good for the Planet. Proceeds of each tea purchased goes back to non-profit environmental stewardship groups across the globe.


Hotel Whole Leaf Tea




Hotel Whole Leaf Tea

Kris Lakatos – Sales Manager – Oteas

Expert in High Quality Whole Leaf Tea in 100% Plastic Free Packaging

Kris is Oteas environmental expert and top tea taster. Any questions regarding Oteas product range please feel free to send her a note.

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