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Organic Hair Care – Hotel Haircare Products

Hotel Haircare Products

Hotel Haircare Products

Organic Hair Care a specialist in hotel haircare products, was founded by a former pharmaceutical representative after learning that the United States only bans 11 chemicals in beauty products, while E.U. bans over 1000.  Her children had sensory needs and allergies so after doing some research, working in the beauty industry, she began to educate consumers on how important it is to pay attention to what we put ‘ON our bodies.’


OHC products are vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free safe for the whole family.  Luxurious hair and body care will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky, without build up.  Body wash will leave skin feeling refreshed.

Quench Shampoo – Hotel Haircare Products

Made with shea butter, hibiscus, vanilla and sunflower seed extracts to smooth scalp and increase shine.

Quench Conditioner

Made with plant proteins and sea silk peptides that strengthen hair and enhance shine.

Pomegranate Body Wash

Gentle, soft, creamy body cleanser.

Styling products in our Hotel Haircare Products range

Amazon blow-out sprays, spiker glue, and spray wax will enhance your guests experience with luxury hair care that will be unique to your hotel/spa.


Hotel Haircare Products


Claudia Carmichael – Founder – Organic Hair Care

Expert in Hotel Haircare Products

My name is Claudia Carmicheal; I am a mother of two; that is why “I CARE!”.

At Organic Hair Care, we create a synergy between science and nature, by offering safe, effective, and green beauty care. We ensure that harmful chemicals are kept out of our products.

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