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Hotel Visual Display Solutions

Optoma delivers engaging hotel visual display solutions with incredible visual experiences for the hospitality industry, and most importantly, their guests.

With customer needs and the user experience at the centre of everything we do, Optoma’s hotel visual display solutions combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering and innovation to deliver stunning crystal clear images with ultimate reliability.

Why Optoma for Hospitality?

Hotels, restaurants, bars, cruise ships and healthcare facilities are now welcoming guests with innovative uses of audio-visual technology, and Optoma delivers this technology through our range of LED displays, interactive flat panels and professional installation projectors – making communicating, informing, interacting and entertaining a breeze!

The ‘WOW’ Factor with our LED Displays

Optoma LED displays are designed with the main intention of WOW’ing! – with no bezel frames slicing through the picture and an ultra-thin profile of just 56mm, all that can be seen is a single, seamless, colourful image, resulting in a streamline clean design – perfect for broadcasting the big game or creating a memorable focal point in your hotel!

Interactive experiences with our Interactive Displays

For foyers, receptions, and meeting rooms, Optoma’s interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) create interactive experiences that give you the ability to highlight your offerings, products and services at the touch of a screen! Many hotels are also linking the screens to their Facebook and Twitter pages so that they can interact with guests at all times and let them know about promotions and the day’s events.

Case Study: Delight Diners with Optoma Projectors!

The WOW factor needn’t stop at flat surfaces, bring it to the table with projection mapping – going where flat screen displays can’t, just as Skullmapping did with their unique new dining experience on Celebrity’s new cruise ship ‘Edge’.

With the help of Optoma 4K UHD projectors, the projection mapped dining experience delighted diners with a dining show telling the story of a cooking competition between four tiny chefs. Each chef prepares one dish, and for each course the table is transformed to a setting related to the nationality of the chef whose turn it is to cook. When the Japanese chef cooks for example, the table is transformed into a pond with cherry blossom petals and Koi fish swimming around. When Maria cooks we see Gaudi patterns projected.

The actual dishes served to diners look exactly the same as the ones prepared by the projected chefs. At the end the audience gets to choose which chef wins the competition. The chef that gets the loudest and most enthusiastic applause comes out to receive a golden chef’s hat – a truly unforgettable experience!

Read the full case study here.

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