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Nofred – Childrens Furniture and Interior Decor

Childrens Furniture and interior Decor

Childrens Furniture and Interior Decor

The presence of children and their families

Nofred seeks to meet the changing needs of modern spaces and families. Today, we travel more and more with our children and it is essential to consider the small people in the interior and the architecture from the beginning of a project.

Long-lasting, functional and aesthetic design

Nofreds collection of children’s interior includes furniture, accessories, textiles and lighting. Every product is designed so it is equally appreciated by children and adults, and has the aesthetics and functionality to blend in with the overall interior.

With a timeless design, impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship, each piece is created to last and be used for generations, supporting a more sustainable culture.


Childrens Furniture and interior Decor

Sandra Kaas Greve – Co-owner/Founder – Nofred

Expert in Childrens Furniture 

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