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Natural hotel products, natural organic hotel interior and sheepskin products

NATURES Collection stands for timeless design and handmade quality crafted from natural organic and authentic materials. We are distributors, manufacturers, advisors and designers – and we do it all with a deep love for our sector and key materials. We deliver warmness, charm and soul and our natural hotel products will add an extra dimension to your hotel, regardless how you choose to style it. Whether you are seeking the luxurious and exclusive, the carefully crafted, the graceful and minimalistic, the loud, the rebellious, the best quality or simply all of the above, NATURES Collection is here for you.

Natural Hotel Products: New Nordic Living

Inspired by the New Nordic Living and with roots deeply grounded in the heartland of Denmark, we seek to bring Nordic design and inspiration to hotels around the world. We combine the best materials with a proud tradition of craftsmanship and each of our natural hotel products tells its own unique story. Our products may vary in expression, but never in durability, quality or originality – and we are certain that you will recognise these efforts when touching, feeling and experiencing the quality of NATURES Collection. We simply live, breathe and dream natural products.

Luxurious Hotel Interior: Rugs, Cushions, Throws and Furniture

In our beliefs, your hotel only deserves the best. It is meant for precious moments. Our collection helps you making them extra joyful for you and your guests. Good vibes and products should always surround you. Our natural hotel products are designed with the ambition of creating lasting value. With a NATURES Collection product, you will get a product made to be used. The key items in our interior collection is high-quality skins made into various products such as design rugs, cushions, throws or as decoration for your hotel.

Premium Quality Sheepskin, Rugs and Hides

Sheepskins from NATURES Collection come in many shapes, colours and sizes. With the world’s largest and finest selection of natural sheepskin rugs and hides, you are sure to find a fitting sheepskin rug for your hotel, in situ with other natural hotel products. The premium quality rugs and natural hides all come directly from nature. At NATURES Collection we live and breathe our passion for New Nordic Living, and we believe that sheepskin and hides are intrinsic to our northern heritage. No Nordic Living without a natural sheepskin from NATURES Collection. We have natural curly sheepskin if you like a rustic look. And for the adventurous we have colourful sheepskin. And for those just looking for the classic natural sheepskin, we have plenty for you to choose from.

Natural Hotel Products: Sustainable Natural products

We always aim to select the finest and most sustainable materials for our collection. We travel the world for this purpose and we only work with certified suppliers. NATURES Collection has very strict requirements for our suppliers and each supplier must complete our intensive approval programme before becoming a supplier to NATURES Collection. We also require certificates and inspection of any of our natural hotel products – in the country of origin as well in Denmark. The certificates give our customers a promise of animal welfare and an eco-friendly production. That means that all our sheepskin, cow hides, leather and rabbit fur are made from byproducts to the meat industry. Furthermore, our products originate from countries that have the most strict animal welfare in the world; Denmark, Norway, United States, Spain, New Zealand, Finland, England and Ireland.


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