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Hotel Dishwashers

For over 85 years, MEIKO has been utilising the most advanced hotel dishwashers innovation to make the conditions vital for super-clean dish ware. MEIKO innovation produces shimmering neatness not simply in mass cooking foundations, eateries, hotels, organisation flasks, clinics and care homes yet in addition over the world in the perplexing establishments required for aircraft providing food, in all the fast ICE trains of the German railroad framework, on voyage ships, and the VIP catering courses of action at Formula 1 tracks.

Hotel Dishwashers and cleaning and sanitisation equipment MEIKO innovation is required on each event where there is an authentic prerequisite for the strictest principles of neatness and cleanliness. Extraordinary quality, remarkable innovation and great client advantages have made MEIKO dishwashers and cleaning and sanitisation gear the best on the planet. The Offenburg experts are consistently in any event one stage in front of the challenge and do their absolute best to remain out in front.

Commercial Hotel Dishwashers

Directly from the most punctual days MEIKO concentrated on hotel dishwashers. Heaps of MEIKO machines are working today all round the world. The program ranges from the ‘little’ glass washer directly through to crate transport and colossal transport machines. The organisation’s scope of dishwashers is supplemented by the assembling of transport frameworks, gear for the transfer of nourishment squander, business kitchen hardware, for example, tables, racks and pantries and a whole lot more.

The MEIKO scope of M-iQ dishwashers (low vitality the executives) was granted the renowned Dr Georg Triebe Gold Prize for Innovation by the German ‘Verband der Fachplaner’, the relationship of pro German business kitchen architects.

Dishwashing Systems for Hotels

What is the key to clean dishwashing? More water? More vitality? MEIKO trusts it at last comes down to being more intelligent. From little glass washers to complex dishwashing frameworks, MEIKO is always endeavouring to make its advances that smidgen better. MEIKO never dismisses the comprehensive view. Individuals, nature and assets all fit into its vision of adopting a manageable strategy towards making a cleaner situation and a cleaner world.

Ecologically Friendly Hotel Dishwashers

What’s more, MEIKO trusts in parity: impeccable cleanliness and security joined with cautious stewardship of water and vitality; financially savvy designing joined with an assurance to utilise the most modern, astute advances accessible. MEIKO has consistently buckled down on its natural qualifications by concentrating on keeping up a spotless domain for a supportable future. Results accomplished in the course of the most recent 30 years: 70% decrease in water use, 30% decrease in vitality costs, and 60% decrease in working expenses.


For a long time MEIKO has been setting gauges which are currently underestimated. What’s more, the organisation is staying aware of this custom of being the main trend-setter in the majority of its business sectors. Creation and improvement happens in Offenburg where the organisation utilizes in excess of 1,100 staff, and in excess of 1,850 staff around the world. It’s a given that the MEIKO brand profits by all the quality attributes of gear which is ‘made in Germany’.

The American and Chinese subsidiaries make only for their home markets. MEIKO works in German and world markets through 21 somewhat and entirely claimed auxiliaries just as a deals and administration organize which covers the globe. 2011 was another effective year for the organization, with merged gathering turnover ascending to €250m. Fare was indeed the driver of development, precisely as in earlier years. The advancement of the European, Chinese and American backups proceeded.


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