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Hotel Wristbands

Hotel Wristbands from Makero

At Makero we love hotel wristbands. Based in England we are one of Europe’s leading wristband suppliers with large quantities of plain hotel wristbands held in stock for quick dispatch.

For hotels and resorts looking for quick and easy access control and identification solutions wristbands provide the perfect option.

Hotel Wristbands – Why Makero?

We have a wealth of experience within the hotel industry so are ideally placed to help you with your hotel wristbands requirements. Whether you need short/long term access control or bands for marketing and brand awareness, we can help.

Re-ordering is also easy as we will have all your details on file, including artwork in place so that repeat orders can be dealt with easily and swiftly.

Wristbands for Hotels – Tamper Evident

Tamper evident wristbands such as Tyvek and Vinyl are a great way to control guest access into the hotel resort and prevent unauthorised access.

Commonly used at all-inclusive hotel resorts they can be used for many applications such as special events and entry to local attractions

For extra personalisation the bands can be customised including serialisation and barcoding.

• Tyvek wristbands for hotels are generally worn for the short term such as a day entry event. The bands are hypoallergenic, durable and water-resistant.

• Vinyl wristbands for hotels and generally worn for longer durations such as one to two weeks. They are also water-proof and can be branded.

Marketing & Brand Awareness

Reusable wristbands such as silicone, fabric and elastic offer a great way to promote your brand. They can be branded with your hotel logo and slogan and even sponsor details.

As well as looking good and advertising your company they can show an emergency contact number for those unexpected events when guests are away from the resort.

RFID Hotel Wristbands

More and more Hotels and Resorts are starting to incorporate RFID and this works well with hotel wristbands. Like a key card you can incorporate RFID with a hotel wristbands to access your room, the gym, the swimming pool and your locker etc. Wearing your room key on your wrist means no more lost key cards!

You can charge up the RFID chip so that guests can make cashless payments. All the data collected can be used by the hotel which can then be used to help boost profits.





Hotel Wristbands

David Daly – Managing Director – Makero Wristbands

Expert in Hotel Wristbands

The variations and possibilities for wristbands are endless so often the best way to proceed is to let us know what your requirements are and we’ll help provide a solution.

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