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Hotel Surface Repair

Hotel Surface Repair

Magicman are the UK’s only nationwide fully accredited on-site hotel surface repair and restoration service for the hospitality and building sectors. We maintain the aesthetic appearance of any premises, enhancing your guests’ experience and reducing complaints. We aim to provide the most environmentally friendly solution to for damage to floors, walls, doors, windows, counters, furniture and much more through our ‘repair don’t replace’ ethos.

Hotel Surface Repair and Restoration Services

Magicman can help you maintain your premises in the highest order by identifying and correcting damage before it becomes unsightly, removing the need for expensive replacements. We are market leaders in hotel surface repair and sustainable specialist repairs to almost any hard surface with over 26 years in the industry. We can renew tired and worn surfaces to look like new, extending the life of assets, providing seamless repairs to even extreme damage, saving items from landfill and enhancing our customers’ environmental credentials.  Our staff all wear uniform and ID and are fully trained in customer service and health and safety as well as repair and restoration work.

Our specialist repair techniques and materials renew and restore scuffs, scratches, burns, cracks, splits, chips, holes, fading colours or sheens to virtually any hard surface. Magicman work in situ to cause the minimum of disruption and many of our repaired items can be back in use with hours. Our dedicated R&D team who routinely test new materials and source the best repair solutions available. Doors, floors, windows, worktops, bathrooms, sanitary ware, furniture, cills, and tiles, can all be maintained with the minimum of disruption, indoors or out.

Trusted by the top 50 builders and construction companies in UK, famous hotel chains, well known insurance brands and internationally renowned cruise ship operators. We cover the whole of Great Britain with over 100 fully trained and directly employed Magicman technicians who are available to work on hotel surface repairs alone or in teams, during office hours or if scheduled in advance, out of hours, including weekends. We are also available for larger projects overseas.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance is a method of preserving the desired quality and condition of your buildings and assets that reduces downtime and unexpected costs by attempting to limit the need for expensive reactive repairs.

Regularly programmed PPM can limit and even eliminate unexpected or accumulated damage that can put a property out of use until repairs can be carried out at short notice or out of hours at great and unforeseen expense. Reactive maintenance can cost 3 to 5 times more than planned maintenance and can impact on business activity or put a property out of use and therefore not earning. PPM also maintains the original aspect of the property, retaining its desirability and value.

Hotel Surface Repairs and Restoration for Bathrooms

Many cracked and chipped bathtubs, basins, shower trays, sanitary ware and even surrounding wall or floor tiles can be seamless repaired or restored in situ without the need for a replacement and many items can be back in use within hours. Even holes can be permanently and safely repaired in most cases. Worn, scuffed and discoloured baths can be resurfaced to look like new.


Magicman can match other polishing companies who only do glass, in expertise and numbers of staff available. We can clean or polish glass of mineral deposits, grime, scratches and etching, etched graffiti and even acid splashes. Even cracked glass can be polished and repaired in some circumstances.

Hotel entrances and exteriors

Magicman can restore brick, stone, powder coat, upvc, stainless steel. From rejuvenated doors and entranceways to entire frontages, Magicman can create the perfect first impression giving your building a new lease of life. Magicman have worked on hotel surface repair all over London, government buildings including embassies, museums, sports arenas and much more. In 2020 Magicman worked on the London Olympics sports venues and the Olympic Village.





Hotel Surface Repair


Hotel Surface Repair

Alan Pumfrey – Magicman

Expert in Hotel Surface Repair Services

Alan has over 25 years of account management and business development experience, working with many ‘blue chip’ organisations in retail, insurance and the leisure and hospitality sector. A proven record in relationship management for Magicman, Alan always works towards building trust with our client partners, enjoying numerous collaborative partnerships leading towards enhanced service, increased commercial benefits and innovative ideas to improve the Magicman experience. 

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