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Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels

Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels – M NUANCE

M Nuance have launched Morning handcrafted mirrors for hotels with soft, organic and random forms in 2015. They have been designed by famous French designers Vanessa Lambert and Barbara Zorn. They imagined them as puddles that settle on walls. Every mirror is handmade.

Hand-cut and Irregular Bevelled Mirrors for Hotels

The mirrors are bevelled in an artisanal mirror shop in the Porto region of Portugal. They are all unique.

Like creatively shaped puddles adoring the walls, they will add a unique and poetic touch in every hotel rooms.

With a collection of 17 different shapes and sizes of handcrafted mirrors for hotels, you can choose according to your space. Shapes can be mixed together to create complete walls of mirrors.
We can design special unique shapes on demand for 100 pieces minimum.

Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels – For all Hotel’s Interior Styles

These mirrors can be used for bathroom and humid rooms. These unique shapes are different from traditional bathroom mirrors and will create a unique style. They can be used in hotel entrance or in rooms. As the handcrafted mirrors for hotels are really simple and delicate with only mirrors material they can be used in each kind of interior style: modern, contemporary, minimalist, eclectic, shabby chic, Scandinavian, traditional etc.

Decorating Hanging Systems

The mirrors have been designed like creatively shaped puddles adoring the walls. They are very flat to create irregular holes in the walls.

To keep the handcrafted mirrors flat on the walls, we added a collection of hand hammered nails (silver, black or gold). They are provided with wall plugs for every kind of walls.

The handcrafted mirrors for hotels also exist in grey and copper colours.




Guest Room



Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels
Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels


Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels

Celine Dupont – Owner – M NUANCE

Expert in Handcrafted Mirrors for Hotels

M nuance was founded by Celine Dupont 5 years ago. She’s working in interior products since 17 years. M nuance, create, manufacture and sell simple and delicate handcrafted products, made in Europe. She wants to inspire and engage people with unique items and long-lasting designs

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