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Creative Lab Amsterdam luxury hotel wallpaper will create a great atmosphere.

Creative Lab Amsterdam started in 2016. The extensive collection with – amongst others- eye-catching luxury hotel wallpaper, several notebooks and greeting cards has a unique signature.

Creative Lab Amsterdam gets its inspiration out of the animal and plant kingdom. The designs stand out by the fine details and use of lots of color. Every product is of high quality and is produced with the greatest care. All our wallpaper have Green GuardGold certificate to keep good air quality in the room. Next to that all our wallpaper has fire classification Bs1-d0 (European) & ASTM 84 (American). Our wallpaper is very safe for your hotel.

Tropical birds, flower patterns and finely drawn forest landscapes alternate in the designs of the Creative Lab Amsterdam collection. The color pallet of the collection combines pastel colors with fresh and clear colors. There are designs whereby your wall changes in a story: from an ocean view with dancing whales to tropical forests and an African Savanna. The characteristic wallpaper of Creative Lab Amsterdam brings new life and color to any room.

Creative Lab Amsterdam Luxury Hotel Wallpaper

Creative Lab Amsterdam is well known about their original designs, elegant prints, powerful colors, creative printing techniques and the use of high-quality materials.

The designs are based on feelings, on emotions. The designs bring energy and joy. For example, the choice for a specific luxury hotel wallpaper design largely determines the atmosphere in a room. The guiding principle is that the design of luxury hotel wallpaper should never be chosen at random. Whether it is the result of an extensive and critical search or an accidental ‘bulls- eye’, every chosen design must give you a 100% great feeling.

While you are working on your hotel design we can assist you with our luxury hotel wallpaper. We can adjust existing designs in a way that matches the space/ room.

Luxury Hotel Wallpaper for Bathrooms

If you are developing a spa, bathroom, kitchen or special toilet in your hotel, we can also produce luxury hotel wallpaper suitable for damp rooms. This walltex wallpaper is 100% scratch & tearproof and suitable for any ‘wet’ room. All designs can be customized for your (bath) room. We adjust the design in a way that fits perfectly. So, in case of a sloping wall, a hanging toilet or a door/window/heater? Just give us all the information needed and we adjust the design!

Wallpaper Circle

One of our latest products is our wallpaper circle. If you don’t want to wallpaper a whole wall you can also think about our wallpaper circle. This circle will bright up the room, restaurant or hallway. They’re created with high quality non-woven wallpaper (155grms/m2) with protective layer and with ecological ink which guarantees a good air quality in the room. The diameter of the wallpaper circle is 145cm; available in one size.

Gold Sand Non-woven Luxury Hotel Wallpaper

Creative Lab Amsterdam also has special gold sand non-woven luxury hotel wallpaper. The gold sand non-woven version is made with a gold metallic sand textured top layer. Printing designs over this substrate creates unimaginably beautiful and unique gold metallic luxury hotel wallpapers that can be suitably used for any industry.

Hotel Greeting Cards and Stationery Products

Creative Lab Amsterdam also develops hotel greeting cards, how nice would that be in your hotel shop or at the check in counter. Lots of people want to send a greeting card whilst they are traveling. This hotel greeting card is 100% recycled and has silky soft paper. The cards have gold foil stamps and therefore looks great. The inside of the envelope has the same print as the card; the experience starts when you open the card.

We can make a special spinner for you with different card designs so you can serve your customers to the best of your ability and for every occasion.

Furthermore we also have several hotel notebooks: the A5 hotel notebook, the hotel notebook set and the wire-O hotel notebook.

The A5 hotel notebook has colorful designs with gold foil elements and ruled pages.

The hotel notebook set has 2 small notebooks, A5; one with ruled pages and one with blank pages, two different designs.

The Wire- O hotel notebook has a hard cover and a wire-O. It closes with an elastic band.

It would be a great addition on your check in counter, at the concierge or in your hotel shop.







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Luxury Hotel Wallpaper

Mies Hofman – Sales Manager – Creative Lab Amsterdam

Expert in luxury hotel wallpaper

Hi, my name is Mies Hofman and I am responsible for the sales of our products. I think we have an unique product with lots of potential. It will create a special atmosphere in your room/ kitchen/ restaurant or even spa. We will go out of our way to serve your needs. Even when it is not available on the website, please contact me so we can help you with your special request. We are looking forward creating some creative rooms with you!

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