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Luxury Hotel Lacquerware – Mojoo

A universe of saturated colours displayed on luxury hotel lacquerware, in perfect symbiosis with crooked products and contrasting textures. Explore and create to your own liking.

Mojoo’s roots origins from beautiful, timeless luxury hotel lacquerware for the home. We have a classic base collection with a wide variety of colours that compliments each other perfectly. Every season new trendcolours are chosen, carefully selected to match the former seasonal colours.
All luxury hotel lacquerware can serve for different goals in each rooms, and can be mixed and matched like building blocks for the individual wish and purpose.
Later new branches have sprung. These collections consist of rough, crooked products and different textures, which make most eyes look twice. However, they compliment the classy and glossy trays and boxes ideally.

Made for Design-lovers

All Mojoo’s luxury hotel lacquerware fit together like building blocks and can be mixed and matched according to individual wishes.

Everything is handmade. The luxury hotel lacquerware products are produced in Vietnam after ancient traditional techniques. They are made out of MDF and are lacquered up to twelve times and each take 45 days to produce. This technique is what grants the soft surface in high gloss, that we love.

All in all Mojoo’s collections have been made for design-lovers, like ourselves, to create their own still lives with our products to fit perfectly into the individual and unique home.

Mix Colours and Textures and Create Your Own Universe

The matt and soft STINGRAY surface is beautiful and timeless mixed with our classic and glossy luxury hotel lacquerware. Combine with the unique AGAT objects in semiprecious gemstones and create beautiful colour schemes.

Behind Mojoo

Mojoo has placed a solid foot inside the interior and design business, whose brave products and combinations is not only a pleasure for the eye, but also an inspiration to our customers.
For Mojoo’s owner, Lene Kjær, it is important that her personal style is reflected in all the luxury hotel lacquerware products.

“I constantly search for different and crooked products to match our classic lacquerware. Here it is only the imagination that set limits. Personally I love the new additions; the sculptures, decorations, metals and semiprecious gemstones.”

“I find inspiration everywhere and my heart has always beaten for the Asian style, which I have refined to our own design.” – Lene Kjær, owner

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