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Luxury Furniture for Hotels

Luxury Furniture for Hotels – Cuero Design

Show your guests that your hotel is truly luxurious. Cuero Design has spent more than 20 years perfecting the butterfly chair. Stunning and extremely comfortable, the butterfly chair from CUERO is an eye-catcher that will elevate any room where it is placed. They are the chairs that celebrities choose to take selfies in when visiting luxury hotels. Do you want celebrities and other guests to take selfies in your hotel?

Choose furniture from CUERO.

Cuero’s Butterfly Chair is Extremely Comfortable

If you are looking for a high-end butterfly chair that is comfortable, everlasting and becomes more beautiful the more you use it, you have come to the right place. We have made a butterfly chair that has an extra-large seating volume, making it extremely comfortable. We have also experimented with different cocooning shapes to find the one that is most laid back and embracing.

High Quality Materials Make the Chairs More Luxurious and Durable

Only the best of the best is considered when we select materials for our products. The most beautiful Italian leather, exclusive sheepskin from Iceland, ecological hemp from Transylvanian, resilient Sunbrella Plus from France and strong steel from Sweden

Simply put, if you use something from CUERO, it will without a doubt be the WOW piece in the room.

Cuero’s Ethos is to Make Your Life Easier and Better

  • Great customer service: If anything at all is wrong, we are always here to help, no questions asked.
  • Always on time deliveries: No hotel will ever risk opening without the specified CUERO products.
  • Chairs that will outlive the other interiors of your hotel: As a luxury hotel owner, you often need to replace your furniture. Most CUERO chairs don’t need to be replaced at all because of the nature of vegetable tanned leather. For the ones you will need to replace, we offer fantastic replacement rates.
  • Expect photos of your hotel to go viral on social media: Guests love to take photos in our chairs. We have seen that people tend to take a lot of pictures in our chairs and that these pictures go viral on the internet. The name of the hotel tends to be tagged a lot in these pictures too, meaning that you will get free marketing.

Reference projects that have chosen CUERO:

Ice hotel in Sweden

Arctic Treehouse in Finland

Luxury 5-star hotel in the Maldives

Luxury Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland

As an interior designer, you will feel comfortable that whatever happens with your project, your clients will be very happy with your selection of butterfly chairs.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us now to get a quote for your project.


Luxury Furniture for Hotels



Luxury Furniture for Hotels

Nils Kjerstadius – Owner – Cuero Design

Expert in Luxury Furniture for Hotels

Nils’ dad, Lars Kjerstadius came across a classical Argentinian design. Lars’ admiration for this beautiful design and concept led him to dedicate ten years of his life to improving its comfort and style. Now, Nils is continuing the story of this amazing butterfly chair. You can ask Nils anything about Cuero Design products. Our team will provide an answer as soon as possible! Feel free to ask!

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