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Hope Decor – Luxury Hotel Art, Hotel Wall Decor & Hotel Interior Design

Luxury Hotel Art, Hotel Interior Design, Hotel Wall Decor

Luxury Hotel Art, Hotel Wall Decor & Hotel Interior Design Hope Decor from award-winning artist, Lea Bonzer

Hope Decor specializes in motivational and inspirational luxury hotel art. Our mission is to bring positivity, motivation, and inspiration using hotel wall decor and hotel interior design, creating an amazing impact on the atmosphere around us.

Luxury Hotel Art

A piece of luxury hotel art can dictate the mood of a room and has a great effect on the occupants, projecting tranquillity, passion and beauty. With us, every surface in your hotel becomes a potential project to redesign. Our passion is to create a unique environment and extraordinary surroundings utilising our knowledge of hotel interior design and luxury hotel art. Our luxury hotel artwork has the ability to transform a wall into a thought-provoking centrepiece to a room, inspiring motivation and a positive atmosphere.

Hotel Interior Design

Choosing the right piece of hotel wall decor for your lobby, dining room or guest room is dependant on the mood you want to achieve, the hotel style, the setting and surroundings. We supply a vast and stunning range of luxury hotel art that inspires a range of emotions and atmospheres and are available with hotel interior design knowledge to help choose the right piece of hotel wall decor. We believe there is a perfect piece of art for every wall, and take all factors into account to help choose the right size, colour and theme of the art.

Positive and Inspirational Hotel Wall Decor

Either Luxury, Boutique, or a Resort, our art will recreate the ambience of your interiors. The soft, minimalistic touch of some of our luxury hotel art will bring positivity throughout your hotel in a range of different ways. Our hotel wall decor is a perfect fit in a spa, encouraging relaxed and meditative energy, yet can also create an inspirational and motivational atmosphere in a business area or board room. The power to transform a space in your hotel into an environment of your choosing is in your hands.

Luxury Hotel Art Rent and Multi-Print Options

With Hope Decor, you can also rent art, and it’s available in high-quality metal prints. It’s perfect for Pop Up and Eco Hotels. All art is available in multi-print choices. We also offer drop-shipping and discount pricing on bulk purchases.








Luxury Hotel Art, Hotel Interior Design, Hotel Wall Decor

Lea Hope Bonzer – Founder & CEO – Hope Decor

Expert in Luxury Hotel Art, Hotel Interior Design & Hotel Wall Decor

Lea Hope Bonzer is born and raised in Croatia and for the past 17 years, she lives in the USA. Her passion is converting details around us into art creating tranquillity, motivation, and inspiration.

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