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Modern Custom Floral Design

Modern Custom Floral Design – Lille Frøken Flora Floral Design

Lille Frøken Flora is an award winning modern floral design studio centred on airy and playful decorations and custom made floral designs. Lille Frøken Flora breaches the boundaries of conventional floral design by playing with colours and texture of both dried and fresh flowers. Lille Frøken Flora offer a wide range of modern custom floral design solutions, whether you are looking for discrete bouquets on a table, long lasting floral installations or large scale whole solutions to cover entire buildings.

Only high quality flowers are used in our modern custom floral designs

At Lille Frøken Flora we want to be the best, so for us to be the best, we must work with the best raw materials. All suppliers are therefore handpicked by our designers using a unique set of requirements that takes into account texture, overall “feel”, colours, means of production, location and the suppliers green footprint, just to name a few. To make our modern custom floral designs, primarily use dried and/or preserved flowers from Italy at the highest grade possible, coloured in using organic natural colours. Our fresh flowers and plants are carefully handpicked from select suppliers to ensure the highest grade possible for a long lasting, unique and exclusive result.

Modern custom floral designs – Tailor made to your needs

We embrace all tasks from small flower solutions to large-scale botanical designs. We have a wide array of experience ranging from award shows, fairs, weddings, to general hotel decoration such as room bouquets, adornment of foyers and restaurants. We offer a selection of modern custom floral designs, bouquets and larger decorations able to be shipped directly to you – or you can take advantage of our on-site experience with large assignments so you can focus on other tasks. Everything will be shipped and our florists will join on location to perfect the assignment to your needs.

Reach out for a non-binding offer

Please enquire for a non-binding offer to bring your modern custom floral designs and ideas to life.

Our designers will work closely with you to outline an idea presentation according to your wishes and needs.


Modern Custom Floral Design

Camilla Christjansen – Owner & Head of Design – Lille Frøken Flora Floral Design

Expert in Modern Scandinavian Custom Floral Design

With formal education within both design and flowers, Camilla has a year-long passion in this crossover field. Having participated in several competitions in flower design, Camilla has won her fair share of accolades. With this experience Camilla founded Lille Frøken Flora, a flower fairy tale centred on modern floral design – the success was instantly recognised. Less than 7 months after opening the doors, Lille Frøken Flora was nominated for the “Best of Odense” award. An award given to leading shops in the city – this was the first time a flower shop had been nominated for this award.

The success originated from Camilla and her employees’ ability to efficiently understand customer needs as well as carefully though out solutions.The style at Lille Frøken Flora is especially characterised from the play with colours, shapes and her signature light and feminine touch.

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