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John Wilmans Photography – Hospitality Photography

Hospitality Photographer

Hospitality Photographer

John Wilmans Photography provides luxury hotels & spas with eye-catching images for all their in house and branding needs.

Not getting the engagement you need with your Email or Social Media Campaigns? I work with your marketing team to create targeted, personalized images & videos that will speak directly to your ideal guest.

Struggling to get repeat bookings from your guests? I work with you to not only create personalized images that speak directly to your guests but also help you to use them effectively.

Want to create a strong visual presence for your hotel or hotels and increase bookings? We work closely with your marketing team to create the perfect image for your brand, making sure you have a visual impact that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Need a photographer that can take care of all your photography needs to the highest possible standard? We are experts in all aspects of hospitality photography, everything from new menu items, new rooms & refurbs, to larger, specialist projects.

For the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure of supporting numerous clients in the hospitality industry. We understand how difficult it can be to find a versatile photographer able to cater to all of your photographic needs, producing consistently high-quality images that speak directly to your clients.

Our services include but are not limited to:

✅ Bespoke, High-Quality still, video, and drone work.
✅ Consult with your marketing team to ensure a product that suits your individual needs.
✅ Images for Social Media, Blogs, Emails, Website & your staff.
✅ Photographs of your rooms, amenities, facilities, food, staff and guests including lifestyle imagery.

Have a look at what some of my current clients have to say about working with John Wilmans Photography (and my 5* Google Reviews):

“John captured beautiful pictures for our website and social media posts. He was a pleasure to work with – a perfectionist, professional, and dedicated throughout the whole process.” – Katie Mcnaughton, Bedford Swan Hotel

“John is one of the most talented, hardworking & passionate photographers I have worked with. He had a brief to bring the venues to life & he succeeded in that mission 100%. The detail in his finished photos is simply stunning, he makes the scenes in the photographs look like works of art.” – Adam Webb, Shuttleworth House

If you want to create an outstanding visual presence for your hotel, working with a photographer who can produce the highest quality work for all of your imaging needs please get in touch with John Wilmans Hospitality Photography. I cover all styles of work from basic room photography to sourcing and using models and props to tell your story to your ideal guest.

Get in touch for a free no strings online consultation and see how personalising your visual marketing assets can increase your turnover (3% increase in testing over a 12 month period. Ask me how I got those stats!), get you more heads in beds and help you beat the OTA’s.

Not sure yet? Why not join my Hotel Tribe at where I provide you with loads of free tips, tricks and tools to help you market your brand no matter if you are a chain or an independent.

Hospitality Photography


hospitality photographer
hospitality photography

John Wilmans – Founder – John Wilmans Photography

Expert in Hospitality Photography

Expert in Personalised Hotel Photography and creator of the NLP system.

From first picking up a camera in 1989 I have been in love with this art form for decades. Starting off photographing landscapes, sports and wildlife on film, I spent the first few years of my working life in a photo studio, photographing family portraits and even the South African Government. I also spent my days working in a commercial darkroom creating prints for their commercial clients.

Fast forward over 30 years and following a career covering being a builder, and marketing, I feel I’ve hit upon the perfect solution for your marketing.

Having spent many years being a web developer, social media marketer, email marketer and paid search consultant, I found that the secret to boosting engagement and really getting the best return on investment is to personalise every aspect of your marketing.

I do this by learning about your business. I then create images that speak directly to your ideal guest at whichever stage of the journey they are at! There is so much more to creating an effective marketing campaign than simply taking a picture of a room. By adding models or props, lighting the room in a certain way and using composition techniques to tell the story, we can really help you improve your engagement and interaction, building your brand and more importantly building relationships.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and let’s have a discussion and see if I can help you improve your sales.

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