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JAMES READ TAN is the only tanning range formulated and headed up by a leading tanning expert. With his unique take on self-tan, James was the first person to put skincare and tanning into the spotlight. Every product within the face & body care products range is dreamt up by James himself, resulting in a concise edit of skincare rich, innovative, multi-purpose tanning products (or as we like to call them, tanning hybrids) to suit all skin tones and types.

Here at James Read we believe that a good self-tan should be like a good face lift, completely undetectable. That is why all of our products have been formulated with our patented Tantone Technology to ensure the most natural looking glow in town. The words streaky, orange, and hard to apply, simply aren’t in our vocabulary. And you don’t just have to take our word for it! All our Tan-Ovations have been tried, red carpet tested, obsessed over and Instagrammed by James’ star-studded A list clientele.

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Offering a range of instant colour and golden results, the James Read SELF TAN products offer customisable colour that lasts for days after just one application. These luxe bronzing products are packed with skincare ingredients to promote beautiful, youthful looking skin.


Take control of your tan and create the depth of colour you want, with James Read GRADUAL TAN. This hydrating and anti-ageing category has been designed to be applied daily or as required to gradually build a natural sunkissed glow.


At James Read we believe that given the right tools, everyone can achieve

a professional looking tan at home. Our ENHANCE range features innovative products to help ensure a flawless tan every time.

Professional Treatments

The professional Tanning Studio range, named after James’ celebrity Tanning Studio in London, offers innovative treatments as well as award-winning, skincare enriched formulas. Just like the retail range, it is the perfect choice for every skin tone, from a light sun-kissed glow to the deepest, bronze tan.

The SIGNATURE TAN (available in medium or dark) – A classic spray tanning treatment with a bespoke layering twist. One light layer of tan is applied for a sun-kissed glow, two layers will give you that golden ‘week in the Greek Islands’ look and three layers delivers a deep rich tone.

The EXPRESS TAN – Short on time? This express tanning treatment creates a golden glow in as little as 60 minutes. Two light layers of tan are applied and then it’s up to you to control your colour. Leave on for one hour for a light glow, two hours for a medium tan and three hours for a deep, dark bronze. Your tan will last for up to 5 days.

The MASSAGE TAN – Treat your skin to an indulgent tanning experience. Starting with a full body exfoliation, followed by a layer of tan which is massaged into the body to give a deep and rich tone. Your skin will be left gorgeously soft and your golden tan will last for up to ten days.


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