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Hotel Teak Furniture

J & E Exotic Furniture was founded in 1990 by father and son Jan Goudkuil and Edmar Goudkuil. The first letters of their first names are used as the name for the company. The emphasis is on the import and export of mainly hotel teak furniture from Indonesia. The range of J & E has been compiled with the utmost care. Years of experience with high-quality materials, the proper construction and workmanship of the teak furniture is second to none.

Hotel Teak Furniture – HOTEL CABINETS

Our cabinets are made from old recycled teak wood. Through years of experience in both the Netherlands and Indonesia we have managed to create a cabinet that meets  Western standards. The construction is of very high quality. Our loop system for sliding doors is unique. Even after several years  a cupboard still runs like new. In addition, a lot of care goes into further finishing and details.


As with the other furniture, all our hotel teak furniture dressers are made from old recycled teak wood. In the production of our sideboards the proper construction results in a very high quality product. J & E offers several types, styles and sizes dressers. There is a suitable choice for every type of home and interior.


For the hotel teak furniture tables we use both plantation teak and recycled teak. The legs are usually made of ” Perhutani ‘plantation teak and the blades of old boards. The sheets are glued and also pegged together. This creates a construction whereby the change of splitting is very small . The table top is mounted onto the underpart in such a way so that it can shrink and expand freely. It is possible also possible to opt for a screw connection or a pin-hole connection during assembly of the legs.


The Hotel Teak Furniture chairs are manufactured from plantation teak which is bought from the Indonesian Forestry Commission ‘Perhutani’. The construction is of a very high quality because of the use of pin-hole connection which is both glued and pinned. For chairs with a closed seat bobbins are used to fix the seating. This makes it possible to expand and shrink freely without tearing. Furthermore, all seats are equipped with low cross connections between the legs preventing the seating to move or tear. In short; chairs with an excellent comfort and a long lasting.


A big advantage of recycled teak is the distinctive character. Therefore you can get unique items which have their own personality and life history.


For garden furniture J & E uses new teak. The teak comes from teak plantations established by the Indonesian government. Construction is done with the best glue for long life. Due to the fact the furniture is outside the influence of the weather creates nice lived and greyed appearance.


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