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Isabelle Bizard – Hotel Artisan Lamps and Glassware

Hotel Artisan Lamps and Glassware

Isabelle Bizard creates precious and unique lamps, small tables and glassware for the most elegant interiors.

Isabelle Bizard has an eclectic approach for combining one-of-a-kind natural material such as precious stones, shells, corals, Murano glass into precious lamps , tables, and unique glassware.

Using the finest European craftmanship, each lamp or table is handcrafted individually at the workshop, promoting the best feature in every piece.

Isabelle has combined her flair for beautiful objects and textures into stylish mounted lamps and producing quality pieces made for a bespoke excellence.

Mineral Lamp Collection

Combining luxurious natural stones with an elegant brass-framed structure, these lamps are a perfect linchpin for a lavish interior, setting the decorative tone. All the stones are sourced in Brazil and then assembled in Europe in our workshop.

The Collection includes the Rio Floor Lamp featuring transparent agate and delicate blue hues and the Bahia in Blue Quartz which features a dark, dramatic cloudy blue stone poised vertically on a polished brass base.

Saturated purple and pink agate slices bring vibrancy to the Ipanema and Rio Lamps. Subtle pink quartz creates a calming refinement with the Pink Quartz Bahia Table Lamp.

Deep purple amethyst and icy white translucent quartz make a wonderful foundation for the Bahia lamp.

Each lamp base is crafted around the unique mineral stones by our skilled team. The lamp posts are also adjustable so you can set it to your preferred height.

Shell Lamp Collection

Each shell has been chosen for their specific features, their lovely curved lines and even their imperfections that make them so special. When paired with a silk shade the soft mother-of-pearl nautilus beauty is enhanced, turning a natural element into a luxurious object.

Our most popular lamp design is undoubtedly the Capri with a polished Nautile Shell. When the light hits its lustrous pearly surface, it glows with the calming warmth of the sun shining on a white sandy shore. The lamp creates a charmingly subtle focal point in any room.

Balance and harmony are created with the spiral positioning of the conus and melo diadema shells in our Amalfi collection. The form mirrors the shell’s natural spiral shape with its delicate repetition of forms.

All the lamp stands are built to suit the size and shape of the shells perfectly, handmade from antique polished brass in our European workshop.

Coral Lamp Collection

Corals need sunlight and warmth to grow, so it seems fitting to continue casting light onto them in the form of artisan lamps.

Our skilled craftsmen turn out the magical stories of sea-life into some lavish pieces created to intensify beautiful interiors. We aim to bring out the key features of every piece creating truly one-of-a-kind lamps.

The “Table” coral, used to create our Naxos table lamp, is given its name due to the plate-like shape it forms. With its organic, foamy outline the bowl coral brings a rewarding complexity to our Patmos Wall Lamp. The dense thicket of coral forms the heart of the Grand Coral Tinos atmospheric table lamp. Free from adornments, the coral’s rugged natural splendour takes centre stage, its arms and edges appearing to stretch outwards. A neutral colour palette and classic design makes this lamp capable of bringing a distinctive touch to any home.

Like all our lamp collections each base is hand-formed from antique polished brass to suit the size and shape of the natural coral.

Bespoke Quartz Side-table Collection

Handmade in Italy and set on an antique polished brass stand, our collection of bespoke side-tables showcases the incredible natural beauty of raw sliced quartz.

Our stunning Paraty table in White Quartz features a shattered effect white quartz stone. Its treasured ice-like resemblance appears fragile like glass while in fact being an extremely robust crystalline mineral.

With its deltas and rivulets, the rose hues of the pink quartz stone tabletop pair wonderfully with the elegant craftsmanship of its hourglass-inspired polished brass stand.

The varying shapes of the pure quartz stones dictate the shape and size of their made-to-measure elegant brass stands.

Murano glassware Collection

Handmade by outstanding craftspeople in the Venetian island of Murano, the lamps, tumblers, and vases in this collection draw their inspiration from the impressions of that magical city. From the charming reddish hue of Venice’s unmistakable stone to the dreamy green depths of its Lagune, their articulate glasswork enhances and uplifts interiors.

As the light changes throughout the day, the Lido table lamp’s translucent handmade glass base reveals a multitude of vibrant colours. Available in a selection of captivating colours, including purple and turquoise Murano glass, each piece draws the eye towards its sophisticated iridescent surface.

Each of the Murano glass tumbler collections are entirely unique. As with all our handcrafted Murano pieces, their wonderful textures and colours can only be fully appreciated in person.

The rich ultramarine blue glass of our Blue Round Bud Vase is hand blown by the finest Murano glassblowers. Radiating like a jewel from your table or mantle, it seems to suit every kind of interior – making quite a statement against white Scandinavian walls, contrasting beautifully within period properties, and holding its own amongst patterned wallpaper in a more decorative home.


Isabelle Bizard – Founder

Expert in Hotel Artisan Lamps

Isabelle Bizard’s enthusiasm and passion for beauty took hold as a result of her French upbringing which developed her natural eclectic style. Finding inspiration through travels and from collecting treasures along the way, she combines her flair with all these beautiful natural pieces into precious lamps and objects.

Isabelle prides herself in creating exclusive pieces mounted with precious and unique pieces like “Objets d’Art”. Isabelle’s lamps bring out the pure beauty of nature in stylish and outstanding lamps.

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