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Vision Linens Limited – Hotel Quality Linen, Hotel Bathroom Linen & Luxury Hotel Bedding

Hotel Quality Linen, Hotel Bathroom Linen, Luxury Hotel Bedding

Hotel Quality Linen, Hotel Bathroom Linen & Luxury Hotel Bedding – Vision Linens Limited

Vision Linens – Supplying Hotel Quality Linen, Hotel Bathroom Linen & Luxury Hotel Bedding in Bulk Buy Quantities.

Vision Linens has been a world-leading textile company since 1866. We have unrivalled knowledge and experience in helping our clients – including the likes of Accor and IHG – create the absolute best experiences for their guests. We’re always committed to delivering your standards. You’ll find our hotel quality linen products in hospitality establishments worldwide. Whether you’re looking for premium quality bedding for 5-star hotels, or durable tablecloths to suit your busy restaurant, we’re able to offer it at low trade prices.

Hotel Quality Linen

Hotel guests trust your establishment to aid them in a great night’s sleep, and key to that is ensuring you’re making your beds with hotel quality linen that creates an experience they’ll want to return to. For over 140 years we’ve been driven by the desire to supply hotel bedding at only the highest grade. With thread counts ranging from 130-300, you’ll find a wide range of 100% cotton bedding, as well as other sturdy materials such as polyester and polycotton, all of which incorporate easy care properties to guarantee that you’re using bedding that will last and can stand-up to the rigors of constant use and the commercial laundry washing process.

Our luxury hotel bedding range includes duvet covers, pillowcases, pillow protectors, blankets, runners, fitted and flat bed sheets. We’re able to provide both white and coloured bed linen, as well as plain or satin stripe designs. We also have a range of pillowcase styles, such as housewife or mock oxford pillowcases. We’re able to offer all this at fantastic low trade prices, as well as providing our selections in handy pack quantities so that you get the most for your money.

Luxury Hotel Bedding

A bad pillow or duvet can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep, so we’ve rigorously tested all our filled bedding to ensure that your guests will always sleep soundly. In our range of filled bedding, you’ll find duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and cushions. Whatever your filling preference, natural or synthetic, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options. This includes goose down duvets and pillows, or microfibre filled pillows that give a near-to-natural support and feel. Our synthetic options also include anti-allergy or non-allergenic protection.

Some of our luxury hotel bedding products also benefit from our More Than Clean (Micro-Fresh) antimicrobial protection. This is washed into the product during the manufacturing process and helps reduce or eliminate the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, as well as odours. It has up to 99.99% efficacy against the likes of e-coli and legionella, plus it kills 80% more of coronavirus than on untreated textiles. Ultimately, Micro-Fresh leaves your hotel quality linen smelling fresher for longer, will last for 50 washes, and is a cost-effective way to protect your filled bedding.

Bulk Buy Hotel Bathroom Linen

There’s much more to a hotel room than simply providing a good night’s sleep, as a refreshing bathroom experience is also a key factor. At Vision Linens, you’ll find a range of bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets and face cloths. Our carefully crafted hotel quality linen puts comfort as a priority, with super-soft towels that feel great against the skin. But a quality towel that’s going to be re-used and re-washed hundreds of times also needs a durability you can rely on, so we make our towels with features that include twin-stitched side hems to ensure they last.

Our hotel bathroom linen range doesn’t just include towels, as we want to ensure you can provide the complete hotel bathroom experience. You’ll find super-comfortable bathrobes in a range of styles and sizes, pack quantities of hotel slippers, shower curtains and bath mats to help keep the bathroom dry, and bathrobe storage bags for when they’re not being used. For everything bath linen, Vision Linens has the solution.

Dining & Kitchen Linen

Ensuring you have the right table linen in your restaurant or eatery is key to setting the right mood, especially as studies have found that the table linen can influence the customers perceptions of your establishment as a whole. With this in mind, we’ve been creating the best quality and most durable table linen for a long time. You can trace our story back through Liddell, one of our brands, that even supplied tablecloths and napkins to the RMS Titanic.

We stock a wide range of hotel quality linen for tables in various colours, sizes and styles. From large white polyester tablecloths to classic 100% cotton napkins, we have everything you need to lay the perfect table setting. You’ll also find that our polyester table linen benefits from stain resistance and superb colour retention, which are both must-haves in a busy restaurant with high table turnovers. We don’t leave smaller tables out either, with a range of bistro tablecloths that are suitable for table-for-twos. Finally, our kitchen linen range includes kitchen towels, glass cloths, waiters cloths and oven cloths to keep you fully stocked up and ready to serve.

Luxury Spa Linen

People visit a spa to wind down and relax in a world where we’re always busy, so the last thing you want to do is to mar their experience with low quality spa linen. At Vision Linens, our spa-rated hotel bathroom linen is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a finishing touch to a wonderful spa experience. Your guests will love wrapping up in our extra-large bath sheets, relaxing in our comfy bathrobes, and keeping their feet warm in our spa slippers. Our polyester leisure towels are also perfect for general use by the pool or in a sauna.

We also stock a special Mosaic range of hotel quality linen spa products, including mosaic pattern towels and face cloths in colours such as chocolate or ecru. This 100% cotton Mosaic range is ideal for a spa, effortlessly enhancing the look and feel of your establishment, with a high GSM and reactive dye to ensure long-lasting colours. They’re pure luxury without the luxury price tag.



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Hotel Quality Linen, Hotel Bathroom Linen, Luxury Hotel Bedding
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