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Hotel Hygiene and Sanitisation Products

Hygiene and Sanitisation Products – PreSols

Holistic Supplier of Hotel Hygiene and Sanitisation Products and Solutions

We are a UK based supplier of high quality, aesthetic and customised hotel hygiene and sanitisation products to meet the requirements of your business. With a deep understanding of the hotels and leisure business, we have developed a product portfolio that will significantly enhance your brand value and customer satisfaction. We have an unwavering focus on service and aspire to be your one-stop shop for all things related to hygiene and sanitisation.

Washable, Reusable and Breathable 7-Layer Face Masks

We help our hotel customers provide a professional look to their staff with elegant and genuine face masks that are not only breathable but with a 7-layer filter that provides very strong protection to themselves and the customers. Some of the positive feedback we have received from our clients about our hotel hygiene and sanitisation products include the ability to wear the masks comfortably over longer shifts, the masks not developing odour similar to cotton masks and the ability to have a proper conversation with the mask on.

We provide customisation options for the masks with your logo and brand work that can additionally serve as in-room masks for your esteemed guests. We have developed a sustainability range of masks made of recycled PET plastic specifically aimed at eco-friendly and sustainability focused hotels. This range is ideally suited for merchandising. Our clients include the Taj Group of Hotels (India), London Business School and The Conduit Club in London.

Automatic, Touch free, Sanitisation Stations/ Dispensers

High Quality and sleek automatic sanitisation station with a matt stainless steel finish. The superior dispenser ensures a measured 1.5/2ml of “mist” dispensing that covers both hands evenly without any risk of spillage or misdirected sprays. These sanitisation stations are customisable with your logo and brand work and will blend very well in the lavish setting of your hotels. We provide a range of sanitisation stations that suit specific areas of your hotel including the foyer, reception, restaurant, bar areas. These hotel hygiene and sanitisation products are freestanding and operate with 4 X AA sized batteries that lasts for 50,000 dispenses. The 1000ml capacity refills allows for 500 – 700 dispenses before requiring to be refilled. These sturdy and elegant stands are available in matt stainless steel and brass finish.

Sanitiser Liquids, Gels, Wipes, Water based disinfectants

We have a range of sanitiser liquids, gels and wipes to meet all hotel requirements. Our formulation has been carefully designed to be fragrance free and carefully formulated to protect the skin from drying. These are ideal for the guest visiting the hotel. We have introduced a water-based disinfectant and sanitiser that is a cost-effective way of sanitising large surface areas like floors in a hotel. Additionally, the hotel hygiene and sanitisation products can be used for cleaning tables, utensils, cutlery and similar objects.

AI based surveillance system

Convert your existing CCTV cameras into an effective surveillance system by installing our added layer of AI based solution. This system reduces the reliance on human inspection and identifies preset risk factors. Some of the risk factors which the AI can detect include:
– Monitoring use of appropriate protective gear (masks, gloves) by cleaning staff, kitchen staff, serving staff and customers
– Monitoring footfall and room occupancy for areas that present higher risk
– Contamination maps help to identify high density areas and help in sanitising the area quickly ad effectively.
– Monitoring maintenance of social distancing within the hotel at all times
– Monitoring pilferage and inventory count
– License plate recognition for car parks
– Automate housekeeping and cleaning records
Our hotel hygiene and sanitisation products are perfect for adding an extra layer of safety and security to your hotel.

Hotel Hygiene and Sanitisation Products

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