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Take care of your issues of transportation rapidly and effectively

There are lodgings and motel without lifts. For individuals with a mobile inability, stairs are an extraordinary impediment that must be prevailed. Additionally moving burdens, for example, bags or clothing compartments over stairs is a test This is absolutely the point where the Vario-max comes in. As a Hotel Guest Transportation Aids for people or loads, on stairs just as on even ground, the Vario-max is your answer for transportation. Its low weight and simple dealing with make the Vario-max a transportation help you would prefer not to manage without any longer.

• reduce wellbeing dangers and conserve costs. the Vario-max assumes control over your substantial employments.

• transportation of people up to 160 kg

• transportation of products up to 170 kg

• can likewise be utilized as a wheelchair

• no harm of the heap nor the edges of steps

• high mobility, even on exceptionally slender stairs

• can be utilized on basically a wide range of stair covers

• automatic brake work when climbing first floor

• single step mode

• failsafe tires

• includes full belt security saddle

With the motto “Ideen bewegen mehr” (ideas move you) AAT unquestionably conveys a guarantee to the world everywhere and at the same time it sets elevated expectations for itself in supplying Hotel Guest Transportation Aids.

Long stretches of involvement in the field of restoration and transportation innovation offers qualification to the extraordinary unwavering quality of the items. Exceptionally energetic workers, with their devotion and their inventive thoughts, make a fundamental and significant commitment to the Hotel Guest Transportation Aids quality.

Germany as an area for business is a basic part of AAT’s way of thinking. So as to respond rapidly and fittingly to customers’ desires, AAT appends extraordinary significance to the way that most of their contractual workers produce in Germany, generally even in its prompt region.

In the field of recovery, the stair climbers make it conceivable to just vanquish the issue of conquering stairs. This causes an individual autonomous, to be it in a private or an expert situation.

In the field of transportation innovation, the Hotel Guest Transportation Aids causes it conceivable to ship substantial burdens to all over stairs with no issues assuaging faculty and staff from conveying said overwhelming burdens.

Hotel Guest Transportation Aids frameworks offering unique answers for air terminals, ambulances, crisis vehicles just as the lodging and eatery business speak to AAT’s wide scope of portable stair climbing helps.


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