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OE Electrics – Hotel Wireless Chargers, Wireless Charging, Phone Chargers and other Hotel Charging Solutions

Hotel Charging Solutions, Hotel Wireless Chargers

Hotel Wireless Chargers, Wireless Charging, Phone Chargers and other Hotel Charging Solutions – OE Electrics

OE Electrics are an award-winning leader in designing and manufacturing power delivery solutions for the hotel and conferencing industry. Based in Yorkshire, OE Electrics provide easy to install integrated hotel charging solutions to allow guests to charge their devices, practically anywhere. Founded in 1986, they supply hotel wireless chargers to industries all over the world and have companies in the UK, Germany, Australia and North America.

Award Winning Wireless Hotel Charging Solutions to Keep Your Customers Powered Up

OE Electrics have been designing and manufacturing flexible solutions for charging phones and other devices for over 30 years. The award-winning hotel charging solutions can easily integrate into existing furniture or simply be attached to furniture. Award winning wireless charging ARC-H LD, is twice as fast as an average 5W charger, is installed without any drilling and effectively turns your bedside tables into wireless chargers. Most modern phones can now be charged wirelessly and ARC H LD will charge all compatible phones, including the new iPhone 12. OE Electrics offer several types of wireless chargers, a simple 10W charger installed into an 80mm hole, the through surface charger; ARC-H LD and the combined wireless, USB and A/C charger which gives your guests all the options.

Integrate High Power USB Charging into your Existing Furniture

OE Electrics’ revolutionary TUF-R, High Power USB charging solutions allow you to integrate safe, low voltage, charging outlets throughout your hotel. Most new laptops and of course phones can be charged via Type C USB, a new universal connector adopted by the majority of laptop manufacturers. OE Electrics’ USB charger comes with both Type A and Type C outlets. Simply choose from our large selection of hotel charging solutions and products to add High Power USB charging to your furniture. Products can be added to a table top or integrated into the furniture which ever suits to the situation. Guests are then able to charge their mobile devices or laptops without the need for large laptop chargers.

Hotel Charging Solutions Designed Specifically for High Use Areas

OE Electrics’ products are commercial grade products designed for high use and robust enough to withstand daily use for long periods of time. The patented TUF-R USB chargers are designed to be easily replaced if accidentally damaged by guests. A USB cartridge can be ordered and replaced without the need of an electrician, or even having to turn off the mains power. USB chargers are tested to the highest standards, tested to over 10,000 insertions, and fitted with internal overload protection. The USB charger can be integrated on, in or under a surface making it easy to fit and integrate into existing furniture.

Three in one Charger for Guests and Conferences

Low battery anxiety is a real concern and keeping your guests charged up is an essential part of keeping them happy. OE Electrics hotel charging solutions and products can be installed almost anywhere and provide options to charge devices wirelessly, via a USB cable, or a conventional A/C plug. The modularity of the designs allows international sockets to be installed in all compatible units, meaning you can have UK sockets, any European sockets and a U.S. socket installed, all in the same unit. OE have also developed a product that provides, wireless, USB and A/C charging into the smallest form factor, that can be integrated into tables and waiting areas via an 80mm hole. Pixel-ARC, available in black or white provides impressive benefits in the smallest form.

Make Charging Available Anywhere and Increase Footfall and Dwell Time in Bars and Restaurants.

OE Electrics revolutionary hotel wireless chargers ‘Animate’ series allows wireless and USB charging to available anywhere you need it regardless of the where the nearest power outlet is. Based on a new plug and play battery system, Animate will provide power to your guests, whether they are waiting in the foyer, drinking in the bar, or lounging by the pool. Animate brings a truly flexible hotel charging solution to where you need it keeping guests charged and happy.


Hotel Charging Solutions, Hotel Wireless Chargers
Hotel Charging Solutions, Hotel Wireless Chargers
Hotel Charging Solutions
Hotel Charging Solutions


Hotel Charging Solutions, Hotel Wireless Chargers

Iain Farthing – Global Client Manager – OE Electrics

Expert in Hotel Charging Solutions

Iain is an expert in finding the right solution for your scenario, whether it’s charging solutions in individual rooms, foyers, or conference rooms, Iain’s experience will help guide you to the right choice.

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