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Hotel Blinds and Curtains

Hotel Blinds and Curtains – Umbra

Umbra is more than just an ordinary shading company. From the outset, we bring together a unique combination of capabilities, people and experience. We are distinguished by our knowledge of all aspects of shading solutions, hotel blinds and curtains, and our unique blend of design, manufacturing, installation, and project management expertise. We always look for the ‘and’ to find an extra dimension in what we do and how we do it. We combine technology and aesthetics and think of simple solutions to complex challenges.

Light Control

Sunlight or artificial light pollution leaking into a bedroom can disturb many sleepers from getting the rest they need. That’s when it’s important to understand the difference between a blackout curtain and complete light exclusion. Many materials prevent direct light ingress, but light can find its way through the smallest gap or crack to light a room enough to disturb sleep. Just because the curtain covers 99% of the window it doesn’t mean that 99% of the light will be cut out. Well fitted hotel blinds and curtains can do an excellent job excluding light but a well-designed fully framed roller blind can do an even better job.


The appearance or design of hotel blinds or curtains can be a big deciding factor for a hotel; especially in a luxury suite where window dressing is as important as the carpet or paint colour. It’s important that the shading solution fits with the room design and doesn’t look out of place. A well-designed solution can be not only practical but pleasing to the eye. Fabrics can be chosen from carefully crafted collections from around the world and hardware can be custom coated to match a paint scheme or window frame colour. The best results can be achieved using both a roller blind and curtains; a zip-edge blackout blind will provide maximum light exclusion whilst a flowing voile curtain will beautifully dress the window.


How long will hotel blinds or curtains last. And how often will I have to change my blinds and curtains? Everyone knows that hotel rooms take a hammering, with different guests every few days. We’ve identified some common problems with blinds and at the top of this list is an issue caused by items being left on the windows sill; when the blind is closed onto the obstruction the fabric is likely to get damaged. In one study the repetition of this happening resulted in the hotel needing to replace their blackout blinds within 12 months of them being installed. Our solution? Obstacle detection motors. This clever electronic motor senses an obstacle and stops instantly, then moves away from the obstruction to allow it to be removed.


Hotel Blinds and Curtains
Hotel Blinds and Curtains
Hotel Blinds and Curtains
Hotel Blinds and Curtains


Hotel Blinds and Curtains

Chad Pillar – Sales Manager – Umbra

Expert in Hotel Blinds and Curtains

As part of the Umbra team, I share a passion for assisting all our clients in making the right shading decisions, ensuring they get the solution they need. As a team we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and first-rate service. My aim is to provide helpful technical support to architects, design engineers, consultants, specifiers, and contractors with a view to raising awareness of the critical part blinds can play in the dynamics of every building.

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