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Heathland Group Limited – High Quality Water Fountains, Water Aeration Systems & Pontoon Equipment

High Quality Water Fountains, Water Aeration Systems, Pontoon Equipment

High Quality Water Fountains, Water Aeration Systems & Pontoon Equipment

Heathland Group Limited offers a range of specialist services including high quality water fountains, water aeration systems, pontoon equipment, and services for commercial and residential users. With over 20 years of industry experience, with full insurance, you can have full peace of mind when using our services. Our services include:

  • Water Fountains and Water Aeration Systems for sale and hire
  • Cube, Modular and Marine Pontoon Equipment for sale and hire
  • Aquatic Water Treatments

Enhancing Natural Environments

Heathland Group always delivers nothing but the best quality service on any project we undertake and we only supply first quality products. We provide no-obligation quotes on all of our high quality fountains, water aeration systems, pontoon equipment, and aquatic treatments, so there is no pressure. We can, on most occasions, gather the required information for any project over the phone. However, if it is a specialist project, we will arrange a site visit with one of our technical sales staff who will continue the project through to completion.

At Heathland Group Limited we cater to clients across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and throughout the United Kingdom. Some of our aquatic engineering services are also available in Europe.

We supply all of our services to commercial and domestic clients including a large number of Local Councils, Fisheries, Holiday Parks, Water Parks, Marinas, Shopping Centres, Golf Clubs, Agricultural Centres, and many, many more.

All of our equipment is available with a first-class turnkey service from design through to custom builds and full installation. For those interested in self-installation, this is also possible with all the products we provide, full backup telephone support is readily available should you need that little extra support with your installation.

High Quality Water Fountains and Water Feature Services

Heathland Group provides the very highest quality of service to all customers, domestic and commercial before, during, and after-sales. We provide the very best quality equipment for ponds and lakes including custom designs and builds. Our technical expertise has helped hundreds of people exceed the quality and performance of their water feature. We provide the largest range of floating and fixed base high quality water fountains available from the UK and European market. All fountains and water feature pumps are built with the latest motor technology providing longevity, low running costs, and superior performance.

There is always a pump in our range suitable for any size of water feature with some of the largest capable of producing flow rates over 5600 liters per minute. Our high quality water fountains also offer the same durability with several categories catering for smaller ponds and lakes to the very largest producing water heights of over 60m.

With a modern approach and constant technical enhancements, we also offer the largest range of LED underwater lights from standard fixed colours to full RGBW colour changing varieties. We are able to provide the very best in control systems including full water feature lighting control.

Water Aeration Systems and Services

With our enhanced technical knowledge, we provide all our clients with the very best water aeration systems and solutions. All of our quotations come complete with a full written design and specification for your individual requirements whether you have a pond, lake, reservoir, fishery, lagoon, attenuation pond or maybe effluent lagoons we have a product that will provide the ultimate aeration solution. Heathland Group’s diffused aeration systems pump air through the diffuser membranes and this air is then able to make its way to the lake surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward through the layers of thermal stratification they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating your lake.

Solar Water Aeration Systems and Services

Requiring no external mains power supply our solar diffused water aeration systems are truly the very best environmentally friendly and efficient lake aerator range available on the market today. No future costs or heavy bills from running large surface aerators, totally powered by the sun and complete with a backup battery bank which will charge during the day and continue to run the solar aerator during the night.

Being able to run 24 hours a day means that your lake is never without the aeration it requires. All of the solar water aeration systems range is manufactured to the same high standards as seen with all our products and can also be installed by our professional team for total ease. Manufactured from robust components that require very minimal maintenance.

Modular Pontoon Equipment and Systems

Heathland Group provides the very latest, robust, and cost-effective floating pontoon equipment and systems available on today’s market. We specialise in modular pontoons, boat docking, jet ski ports, and marine pontoons for inland ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canal, and marine environments.

We provide both a “supply only” and “full supply and installation” service for all of our pontoon equipment throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Our team has extensive knowledge of the pontoon equipment and systems themselves and can show you a wide range of products and solutions to choose from for any requirements you have. We can supply and install a variety of pontoons and docks for customers in all sectors and for a variety of uses.

As well as the supply and installation side of this department we also offer pontoon equipment hire for temporary needs, whatever they may be. We have a wide range of accessories and components that can be added to our pontoon equipment and systems such as handrails, ladders, utility channels, benches, gangways, and many more. Heathland Pontoon Solutions can also provide floating safety barriers, pipe floats, plastic boats, aluminium boats, mooring buoys, and lane markers.


High Quality Water Fountains, Water Aeration Systems, Pontoon Equipment

Darren Willmott – Director – Heathland Group Limited

Expert in High Quality Water Fountains, Water Aeration Systems & Pontoon Equipment

Darren has over 30 years in engineering and 20 years in working in the aeration water fountain and modular pontoon industry. Having worked in the industry for so long, our director has had a wealth of experience working with many of the top manufacturers of fountain, aeration and modular pontoon equipment so, he’s been able to select some of the best products for their simplicity, reliability, strength and high performance.

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