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Caffeica – High Quality Hotel Coffee Machines

High Quality Hotel Coffee Machines, Bar’essa coffee

High Quality Hotel Coffee Machines – Caffeica

Caffeica – The Coffee People – High quality hotel coffee machines and the very best ingredients such as our own Bar’essa coffee

We offer a choice of freshly roasted coffee beans and commercial coffee machines with full service support. Caffeica has been working with the hotel, restaurant and bar sector for over three decades and we help our customers deliver quality hot drinks in their receptions, bars and event spaces. In addition to our selection of high quality hotel coffee machines, we have our own range of freshly roasted coffee made using fair trade beans.

Bar’essa coffee – for a fuller flavour

We are proud to introduce ‘Bar’essa’ our own range of coffee beans which have been carefully selected and blended by our own baristas. Bar’essa coffee is ethically sourced – fairtrade, rainforest alliance or organic – and always delivers a fair market price to farmers. The full, robust flavours of our Bar’essa coffee will dance on your tongue. With over 10 flavours to choose from, our range includes; Jive, a medium bodied coffee blended from Brazilian Arabica and Tanzanian Robusta beans; Latino, 100% Arabic beans providing a rich blend with dark, chocolatey flavours and Rumba with rich earthy and smoky undertones. In addition to our blended range of beans, we also provide quality ground coffee designed for use in cafetieres and high quality hotel coffee machines. Whatever your requirements, you won’t be disappointed with our Bar’essa coffee

High quality hotel coffee machines – Catering for your event space

We understand the importance of delivering the very best coffee for events, conferences, parties and meetings. Our range of bulk brewer machines can be relied upon to deliver anything from 40 cups to 900 cups per hour using a standard 6oz coffee cup. Our high quality hotel coffee machines can be located in meeting rooms, conference and events spaces, giving you peace of mind that quality coffee will be served every time. We will help you find the right bulk brew machine for your needs so that your guests will be able to enjoy a hot, perfectly brewed coffee every time – leaving them to enjoy the event they are attending. Our bulk brew machines give you peace of mind to know the hot drinks can keep flowing, freeing up your staff to provide a personal service and attend to the needs of your guests.

High quality hotel coffee machines – Exquisite espresso

Our range of stylish espresso coffee machines are the perfect addition to your front of house, reception or café bar areas. With the popularity of coffee continuing to grow, it has never been more important to offer a quality drink and our espresso machines will help you deliver a perfect cappuccino, latte or americano every time. Our high quality hotel coffee machines are elegantly designed and technologically innovative – which are easy to use and are guaranteed to produce quality drinks. We will work with you to understand your requirements so that your espresso machine will have the right boiler size, efficiency and filter handles, meaning that your guests won’t have to wait to enjoy their hot drinks.

Small vending machines for every occasion

Small but perfectly formed, our range of table top machines will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. Ideal for tight spaces while still packing a punch, a table top will keep up with demand. Whether you are using a table top in a front of house area or a staff room, we are confident that our high quality hotel coffee machines will be easy to use and reliable. Our range of table top machines include bean to cup options, meaning you can use fresh beans for a fuller flavour. Depending on where you will use your table top vending machine, either freeze dried or fresh milk can be used. Using freeze dried milk ensures that a great tasting coffee can be made quickly, without compromising on taste.

Caffeica, the coffee people

At Caffeica, we pride ourselves in working in partnership with our clients. We take time to understand their venue, locations and customer profile so that we can recommend the right high quality hotel coffee machine for them. With over 30 years’ experience, we are confident that our personal service will match you with the perfect vending machine and our incredible range of fresh and ground beans. We only stock coffee vending machines from the top brands including Lavazza, Jura, Crem and de Jong Duke. Our service plans and dedicated engineers give you peace of mind that your vending machines will run smoothly day after day.


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