HH LUX – Hotel Granite Products

HH Lux – Hotel Granite Products

Exquisite Danish Design hotel granite products including lamps and candle holders, for both table and the floor.

HH LUX delivers beautiful, rustic, handcrafted hotel granite products from lamps to candleholders, in a distinct New Nordic style. All made in exclusive materials and exquisite quality.

Each hotel granite based lamp is handcrafted by us, in our small workshop in the charming countryside (Himmerland) in Denmark, and each stone is carefully selected by us.

‘Us’ is a small husband & wife company, founded in 2017, out of our love and passion for the beautiful stones.

Use our products for adding quality, solidity and a natural element to your interiors – they match both modern, contemporary and traditional interior design.

The lamps are available with atmospheric golden or black tinted bulbs – perfect for creating the worldfamous, Danish ‘Hygge.

All hotel granite products are delivered in transport safe packaging.

Lamps can also be made to order, to meet your specific needs and requirements. All it takes is an email or a phone call!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards from Himmerland, Denmark

Visti & Helle


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Hotel Granite Products


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