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Handmade Hotel Products – Return to Sender

Return to Sender was founded back in 2007 by Katja Schuurman, Tessa Vos and Maarten van Huijstee. Through her experiences of travel, Katja realised that the world’s poorest people can be so full of ambition despite having minimal opportunities. She was soon drawn towards multiple handmade hotel products which were created by the people living in these areas and the idea to create Return to Sender was born.

Unique Handmade Hotel Products

Handmade Hotel Products: Return to Senders Mission

Return to Sender’s mission is to help women build a life for both themselves and their families through sustainable, fair business and trade of their unique handmade hotel products.

By introducing women to the Western industry and market, Return to Sender help them improve their living standards and show them how to sustain this throughout their life.

Return to Sender has already contributed to the creation of over 8,800 jobs worldwide by selling over 2 million products to date.

Ultimately, Return to Sender sell handmade hotel products made by women in the poorest areas of world in order to aid them to build a better life.

With every purchase made, these women take a step towards a healthier, happier life.

Return to Senders collaboration with Plan Nederland

Return to Sender works alongside Plan Nederland to make an even bigger impact on poverty reduction by supplying the handmade hotel products. This collaboration prides itself on creating a better future for girls, specifically in developing countries.

Plan Nederland is an active across the globe aiming to ensure that as many girls and younger women have the opportunity to complete vocational training, as sometimes the poorest in the world are full of extreme drive and ambition, not lacking in talent or willpower, but possibilities and opportunities.




Handmade Hotel Products
Handmade Hotel Products
Handmade Hotel Products
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