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Linea Luxe – Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service & Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture

Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service, Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture

Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service & Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture – Linea Luxe

Linea Luxe believes that all life’s greatest luxury products can only be crafted by hand. Attention to detail, care and respect for how we treat our creations and patience to allow the masterpiece to develop. Our experienced team works with the best tools and latest technology on our handcrafted hotel furniture pieces yet employ traditional techniques learnt from a lifetime of experience. Every bespoke luxury hotel furniture piece that leaves our workshop carries with it our pride and commitment that it has been produced in the best possible way. It is for this reason we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our creations. We also offer a second-to-none hotel re-upholstery service.

Every bit of furniture we make is crafted by hand from the most exceptional raw materials. We spare no expense to make sure what we make stands the test of time.

Aside from our collection of products we make bespoke luxury hotel furniture. If you have an idea for something unique or you simply want to express yourself through design get in touch with our team who can guide you through the design process to ensure what you end up with is as precious and individual as yourself.

If your favourite piece of furniture needs a new lease of life there’s no need to throw it away. We offer a complete hotel re-upholstery service to and from your front door

Putting our name on something means something to us. It is our most valuable advert and a benchmark for excellence. Each handcrafted hotel furniture piece must pass our scrupulous quality control to make sure it carries our brand and good name with it.

Handcrafted Hotel Furniture – Iconic Collection

Our Iconic upholstery collection has been strongly influenced by 1920s -1960s design.

Art Deco, Regency, Mid Century and Pop design principles helped guide our creative process. We make all the structures of our handcrafted hotel furniture in sustainably sourced European Beechwood. Each batch is carefully kiln-dried to leave the wood with about 20% moisture ensuring it is strong and flexible. All frames are robustly crafted and all seating elements are fully sprung using serpentine springs. Fabrics are then manually checked before being hand-cut to ensure the ‘dress’ is perfect and the overall tailoring to the highest possible standards. The final stage is to dress the bespoke luxury hotel furniture and create the unique and luxurious finishing effects such as deep buttoning, piping, pulling and stitching. All work then undergoes a thorough quality control before being wrapped and ready for delivery.

All our upholstery collection can be made in bespoke dimensions. For further details enquire now

Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture

Make it your own

If you want a unique piece of bespoke luxury hotel furniture we have an experienced team to hand who can provide real and practical advice. From your first ideas we can help develop this into a basic CAD design. If you want something a little more presentable we can also create 3D photo realistic renders. Get in touch to start the creative process.

Hotel Re-Upholstery Service

Bring your furniture back to life

In such a disposable time it is often our oldest possessions that we keep close to our heart. Much loved sofas and chairs which have been in the family for an age become heirlooms that are hard to part with. For the most part there is now reason to have to go through this. Our hotel re-upholstery service team can come and collect your pieces and bring back to our workshop. The old upholstery is removed and our senior technician then tests and inspects the filling and frame. If there is some repair work needed we can easily apply this now before cutting and dressing in a brand new fabric of your choosing. What comes back to you is a new piece but with the same comfort and warmth of an old friend.


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Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service, Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture



Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service, Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture

Simon Golz – Owner – Linea Luxe

Expert in Handcrafted Hotel Furniture, Hotel Re-Upholstery Service & Bespoke Luxury Hotel Furniture

Simon has had an extensive career in furniture for over 20 years. He initially worked in retail managing stores for large multinational companies such as Roche Bobois, Christopher Guy, Natuzzi and Dwell. Using the knowledge he gained in working directly with clients he moved into the trade sector in 2015 working as Business Development Manager for UK based luxury furniture manufacturer Alter London. During his time there he built strong relationships with a number of interior designers and interior design firms. At the same time, he learnt about the manufacturing side of the business and compared his knowledge from the Italian factories of whom he had visited during his time in retail to how manufacturing was approached in the UK.

After a short spell with Alter London, he saw there was an opportunity to launch his own company off of the strength of his clients and in June 2016 launched SG Luxury Design. Working directly with interior designers the company commissioned factories based in the UK to produce goods under the SG Luxury design brand name. Throughout 2017 and 2018 the company grew remarkably well and had a stable client book. In 2019 Simon launched his own manufacturing company under the name Linea Luxe Furniture Limited and began to produce directly for the clients.

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