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Hotel Wireless Table Lamps

Hotel Wireless Table Lamps – Wireless light accents – any time, any place

Create the right atmosphere at the right time. You can combine any of our wireless LED table lamps and connect them to each other at the touch of a remote button. The strong rechargeable batteries are ideal for restaurants, hotels, events, architecture, home and garden. With our products “Made in Germany”, we are addressing all light enthusiasts who want to give their locations a very special note with minimum effort.

Wireless Hotel LED Lighting Products

We offer wireless, battery-powered and remote-controlled hotel table lights (CUBE), spotlights (CAN and PowerCAN), and illuminated tables (TABLE) including smart accessories. Place it. Switch it on. Enjoy.

Hotel Spotlights


The universal spotlight – Puts your highlights into the limelight
The specifically hardened aluminum case makes the CAN extremely tough, shockproof and vibration-resistant. It even with stands a plunge into the pool or a champagne shower. We call that #partyproof. If required, the CAN even follows the beat of the music. Due to its magnetic base, the light can be attached to any metallic surface.

Hotel Table Lights


The magic cube – Individually with rough edges
No frills. Straightforward design instead. The CUBE gets along without any disturbing switches and buttons. This makes it a timeless eye catcher on tables and bars without being obtrusive. Because the focus should be on the ambience you want to create. If you wish, all night long thanks to its enduring rechargeable batteries. This minimalist beauty is available in smoky or translucent glass design.

Illuminated Hotel Tables


The smart bar table – Strikingly different
Light or table? Both! The Illuminated Hotel TABLE is refreshingly different. Not only its surface can be seamlessly illuminated. Also, the floor area can be lit up separately. Its robust metal construction and safety glass ensure a firm stand and quick and easy set-up. The TABLE is guaranteed to be the star at your next event.







Hotel Wireless Table Lights
Hotel Wireless Table Lights


Hotel Wireless Table Lights

Holger Dziadek – CEO – FRIZ Lights

Expert in Hotel Wireless Table Lamps

“I am a light enthusiast for over 30 years. A few years ago, my business partner Martin Friz and I had an idea: creating setting classy light accents – for any place. Running cables? Painstakingly synchronising lights? No way! It had to be quick and easy. We prefer wireless and powerful batteries. FRIZ Lights was born: minimalistic design and superior workmanship. We create atmosphere.”

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