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Freedom Hotspot – Hotel Cloud Based WiFi

Hotel Cloud Based WiFi

Freedom Hotspot is an established provider of Hotel Cloud Based WiFi. Over the last decade as technology has evolved, Freedom Hotspot has developed a revolution of its own in the form of the Freedom Hotspot Cloud Platform. It allows a fully customised approach to providing Free Hotel Cloud Based WiFi to hotels with the ability to create an end user WiFi journey, which ensures a seamless journey and brings to the surface an WiFi Insight into customer trends.

Hotel Cloud Based WiFi – Managed Hotel WiFi Hotspot Services

The need for great Hotel Cloud Based WiFi WiFi is only part of the equation for ensuring guest and visitors are able to connect to your WiFi service.  Roaming and remaining connected in a stable and reliable manner is essential to maintaining the Free WiFi service is perceived positively and a valued asset for both the end user and the hotel.  As well as a good WiFi network, which should be well designed and deployed correctly (not always the case!), it is essential to have a control mechanism that not only manage your end users but can adapt to your evolving needs.  This is what the ‘Hotspot’ in Freedom Hotspot is all about.  The Client Dashboard allows the hotelier to create one or more WiFi network service profiles resulting in a 2 Tier WiFi service to be created, which can be used as part of a monetization strategy to increase revenue per room and to boost occupancy generally.  Along with our industry leading control matrix, the overall end user journey of how guests and visitors connect, can be customized for both strategic and commercial purposes.

Hotel WiFi Insight & Analytics

Freedom Hotspot Hotel Cloud Based WiFi services for hotels and hospitality have evolved over many years with features developed that address the needs of hoteliers.  It’s understood that WiFi is perceived as a value item by guests and visitors.  The need to transform for delivering value into yielding value has becomes a key objective, which has resulted in a new way of giving control to hotel management.   Understanding who customers are and their needs is where Freedom Insights & Analytics comes into its own.  Data such as customer loyalty, age groups and gender of visitors and customers is just a small example of insight that is available and can be used when focusing on future marketing initatives aimed at specific demographics at specific time periods.  Similarly this tool, which is accessed by Freedom Hotspot’s Client Dashboard can also be used to measure the effective of campaigns.

Along with Hotel Cloud Based WiFi WiFi Analytics the rich set of data available to clients is only restricted by imagination and business need!

Content Filtering for Hotel Cloud Based WiFi Networks

Content filtering ensures that inappropriate content is blocked from being viewed on end user devices when accessing the Internet. This is at times seen as an add on for some providers.  Freedom Hotel Cloud Based WiFi Hotspot has this built into all Freedom Hotspot offerings.  Whether deliberate or accidental, our content filtering solution will ensure that you have the ability to control Internet content at your venue or premises.  Freedom Hotspot content filtering has many configurable content features and is focused on providing family safe surfing environment.

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