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Flyte Systems – Hotel Flight Information Displays, Hotel Event Displays

Flyte Systems is the recognized leader in live airport flight screens. By incorporating flight information into your guest services regime, you’re encouraging travelers to avoid unnecessary waits and stay at your property longer, generating additional revenue. For hotels, advanced notice of flight cancellations can mean an additional night’s stay at your property. For guests, flight information instills travel confidence. We have a variety of customizable solutions in order to meet your property’s individual needs.

FlyteBoard – Hotel Flight Information Display

Real-time flight information, directly from airlines and airports. Communicate flight status and gate changes instantly, while displaying one or multiple airport locations. Alert guests to flight delays and cancellations, encouraging longer stays and generating additional revenue. Even boost operational efficiency, and augment your staff in preparation for large waves of travelers.

We customize FlyteBoard to complement your property’s individual needs. FlyteBoard may be integrated with Doppler radar, messaging, and even event schedules for a full-service solution.

FlytePass – Hotel Boarding Pass Printing

Guests can check their flights and print their boarding passes, all in one simple tool. FlytePass is available for Mac and Windows, featuring fast, easy-to-navigate touchscreens. Secure 24-hour availability requires no staff intervention; rather, we remotely monitor and support FlytePass.

FlyteChannel – Hotel Guestroom Flight Information

Live flights in every guestroom. FlyteChannel provides an immediate response to guest inquiries, allowing them to confirm travel plans without leaving the comfort of their rooms. Using their TV remotes as guides, guests simply select live departures or arrivals channels. FlyteChannel is compatible with both analog and HD digital guestroom systems.

EventDisplay – Hotel Meeting and Event Displays

Custom meeting and events displays. EventDisplay showcases your event schedule for the day, in a dynamic, digital display. Helping guests find their way, EventDisplay allows your staff to concentrate on other visitor needs. Securely enter events anytime, anywhere from any browser – no additional servers or software to install.

EventDisplay may also be integrated with an existing FlyteBoard or an available channel on your television network.

InfoBoard – Hotel Self-Service Concierge

Interactive, self-service concierge. InfoBoard provides 24/7 information, allowing visitors to plan their trips with ease.

Provide the information your visitors desire the most. Keep guests informed by showcasing on-site amenities & property specials. Point visitors in the right direction with directories and wayfinding maps. Highlight on-site dining, services, and retail options, boosting your existing revenue streams.

Interactive touchscreens allow guests to access information quickly and independently, allowing staff to concentrate on other visitor needs. InfoBoard may also be integrated with an existing channel on your television network.

Instead of having to support multiple displays, InfoBoard consolidates all of your applications into one visually-stunning and interactive platform.

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