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Stackable Hotel Furniture

ELJ Bordet, established 1997, aims to be one of the leading suppliers of Stackable Hotel Furniture in the European market. We produce some products in our factory in Sweden and some in Asia. Because we have all products in stock we can deliver any order in a couple of days all over Europe.

In addition to our standard Stackable Hotel Furniture product range we can also produce any type of chair or table in colours specified by the customer. Our products include:

  • Stackable chairs
  • Folding chairs
  • Folding tables
  • Bar stools and bar tables
  • Trolleys for tables and chairs
  • Chair covers and table cloths
  • Conference tables and chairs

Stackable Hotel Furniture – Hotel Stackable chairs

We manufacture a very wide range of hotel stackable chairs, in a variety of styles, colours and materials. For example, we offer stackable chairs that are manufactured using steel and aluminium, with a hard-wearing fabric and shaped position.

We also offer a variety of Stackable Hotel Furniture that are ideal for training courses, conferences, fairs and events. The seats are lightweight – 4.6kg, 5.3kg or 5.7kg – but strong and comfortable to sit on for a whole day. We stock wagons for the transport and storage of these stackable chairs; each one can hold 25 chairs.

Our modern Inca chairs adapted to both indoor and outdoor use. They are well-suited for use in cafés, restaurants, anterooms, training courses and conferences. The chairs weigh 4.1kg but are strong and comfortable.

Stackable Hotel Furniture – Hotel Folding chairs

Our Smart range of hotel folding chairs comes in three colours – white, black and blue. They are made of durable plastic and are excellent for outdoor use. These hotel folding chairs weigh only 3.5kg and fold neatly away in a specially designed cart, the model VG16004P, which can hold 50 of these folding chairs.

Buffalo is a durable folding seat that weighs only 4kg. Its specially designed cart, the model VG16005-1P, can hold 30 of these folding chairs.

We also offer a range of folding seats in black, grey or blue that are slightly padded and finished in a handsome but hard-wearing fabric. The chairs weigh only 4kg and their cart, the model VG16005-2P, can hold 30 of them.

Hotel Folding tables

We offer a huge range of hotel folding tables that are suitable for a variety of applications. Our Blowmould range of lightweight foldable tables can withstand tough conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Starko is a stable foldable table ideal for use as a lunch table, desktop or meeting table, while our Bankett range of stable foldable tables are well-suited to restaurants, hotels and major conferences.

Café is a stable foldable table suited to use in restaurants, cafés, hotels and conferences. The Congress and Dinner tables are the latest in our product range. These foldable tables are suitable for use in conferences, restaurants and training sessions.

Hotel Barstools and bar tables

Another example of our Stackable Hotel Furniture is our hotel barstools that feature an attractive modern design. They are ideal for training courses, conferences, fairs and events. They weigh just 6.3kg but are strong and comfortable. Our barstools come in white, grey and black.

We provide a range of hotel bar tables to go with our barstools; these are available with square or round tops, in a choice of colours.


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