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Elevate Customs – Luxury Hotel Gaming Tables

luxury hotel gaming tables

Luxury Hotel Gaming Tables

At Elevate Customs, we offer clients and coveted designers with contemporary custom-built designs and luxury hotel gaming tables that provide both immeasurable style and function. Our unwavering commitment to quality and design has attracted an elite group of dedicated master craftsmen who provide our clients with not just luxury hotel gaming tables, but unique works of art that blend seamlessly into any interior space. Whether it’s a timeless game such as table tennis, pool, shuffle board, foosball, and poker, or a customisable design that offers day-to-day function, we pay tribute to all styles and function with one goal in mind—perfection.

About us – Luxury Hotel Gaming Tables

Having begun our careers in the design industry, we often encountered clients seeking luxury gaming tables that proved difficult to find in the market. We understood the importance of workmanship and exclusivity but, in those early stages, we weren’t exactly the gaming experts we are now. What we always knew was that we could offer custom craftsmanship and supply our discerning international clientele with stunning designs, but our real success came when we figured out that we could add one more crucial element—superior playability.

We began our careers within the design industry, often encountering clients who would seek high-end, luxury hotel gaming tables that at the time were very difficult to source.

We understood the importance of the workmanship and exclusivity, and partnering that with our knowledge for the gaming sector, we believe we have created the perfect opportunity for hospitality venues to offer something which will enhance the experience of their guests stay endlessly.

Whether you are interested in finding out more about a piece in our current collection, or you’d like to discuss your ideas for creating a custom gaming table just for your needs, we are readily available to help you with your project.


luxury hotel gaming tables

Lorraine Spektor – Owner – Elevate Customs

Expert in Luxury Hotel Gaming Tables

Elevate Customs team work in complete concert with one another. With her years of experience coupled with her passion for providing the finest designs for the luxury customer, Lorraine coordinates all elements of the business, making sure that everyone in design, production, sales, marketing, shipping, and IT is working together with exacting precision.


Luxury Gaming Tables
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