d o y o u m i n d a r t – Unique Hotel Artwork

Unique Hotel Artwork

Unique Hotel Artwork – d o y o u m i n d a r t

Limited Edition Art Prints

d o y o u m i n d a r t specialise in hand-painted and handmade collages using Giclee certified print. The Giclee method is a high-quality print from a printer using environmentally friendly water-based ink in 11 colours, carefully selected FSC certified Hahnemühle and acid-free watercolour paper in 100% cotton with perfect texture to create their unique hotel artwork. The combination of Giclee printing on watercolour paper gives a minimal dot spread, which means that the image becomes very accurate and colour saturated down to the smallest detail of the original. All prints are made in very limited editions and numbered and signed. This is a way of making art where craftsmanship and modern technology join to create a unique expression.

Unique Hotel Artwork

Unique Hotel Artwork: The Vision

The vision with d o y o u m i n d a r t is to give everyone the opportunity to get and see unique art that, for example, combines motifs in limited exclusive quality with poetic and philosophical text. The unique hotel artwork images are created in a special process, where hand-painted and hand-cut fields and shapes are put together into motifs that are processed in a graphic and digital production. The combination of the handmade work with the modern print technology is unique for this type of abstract art, creating something special and with an exclusive expression.

Unique Hotel Artwork

Unique Hotel Artwork: Art Prints

Shapes, colours and poetry are created and composed of thoughts and moods. You get a unique experience with the small poetic texts, which together with the motif stimulates the viewer’s imagination and almost forces the viewer to stop, pause their thoughts or change direction. The unique hotel artwork images should remind us that people are diverse and needs to interpret life.

Custom made Art Pieces for Hotels

Do you want something very special created for your hotel?
Would you like to have influence on colour choices and shapes?
Katrine Engman would love to collaborate with you to create a unique hotel artwork piece perfect for your hotel’s style and decor.
Contact Katrine to let her know your thoughts about a unique hotel artwork collaboration.





Unique Hotel Artwork

Katrine Engman – Manager & Owner – D O Y O U M I N D A R T

Expert in Unique Hotel Artwork

Katrine Engman is an artistic and creative soul who comes from a family where art, culture, architecture, psychology and philosophy are eternally present. These elements combine Katrine Engman with inspiration from the beautiful nature on Møn, where she lives and has her workshop in an old school, where you can also see the pictures.

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