Panespol – Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels

Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels

Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels – Panespol

We design and manufacture decorative wall solutions for hotels, easily transforming your space in record time.

Panespol is a world leader manufacturer of decorative wall solutions for hotels and wall decorative claddings based on our own patented synthetic polymer formulas. Our wide and growing product range makes possible for architects, designers, interior designers and brands the periodic refurbishment of spaces providing them with a distinguishing atmosphere. Panespol decorative solutions are aesthetic, appealing and easy to install and include from classical material emulations like stone, wood or slate to the trendiest ones like concrete, brick and tiles, all presented in a wide palette of colours and textures.

Decorative wall solutions for hotels – 20 years of experience

The company Panespol was set up in 2002. The offices and main factory are in Alcoy (Alicante), Spain. The company pioneered the development of, and patented, formulas based on top-quality synthetic polymer coatings, decorative panel systems and decorative wall solutions for hotels that are easy to install. It has become a regular supplier to designers, architects and interior designers of top international chains such as Burger King, Inditex, Salomon, L’Oréal, Desigual, Harrods and Ikea, among others.

Surface Collections

It is the collection of decorative wall solutions for hotels already in the catalogue that we design and manufacture to easily transform a space in record time. We call it the Surface Collection. We have over 300 references in decorative panels. Surfaces to decorate the walls with maximum realism thanks to a wide variety of textures and finishes.

A unique material: features

The materials we use to create our decorative wall solutions for hotels stand out for being fireproof, non-toxic, chemically inert, stable, and resistant to acids, salt water and industrial gases. In Panespol we strictly comply with international safety regulations by offering a strong and guaranteed material verified by certificates: fire proof (b1), outdoors and thermal insulation.

Simple and quick assembly

Mounting polyurethane decorative panels by Panespol is a particularly simple process, offering several advantages over more traditional decorative wall solutions. They are easy transportable. No building knowledge is required to mount them, so specialist teams are not necessary. Neither dirt nor dust is generating in their assembly. Without the need for building work to be carried out, noise is kept to a minimum. There is no damage or loss due to the great strength and robustness of polyurethane as a material.

Custom made decorative wall solutions for hotels

Panespol decorative wall solutions are not just limited to walls. We also work with light volumetric structures and three-dimensional figures that are strong and easy to transport, multiplying the range of creativity possible. Imaginative and intelligent decorative solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. A custom-made and reliable service for all your ideas: any material or combination of materials, shapes, three-dimensionality, etc.



Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels


Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels


Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels

Sonia Bernabeu – International Sales Manager – Panespol

Expert in Decorative Wall Solutions for Hotels

Sonia has been in the world of the interior design since 2011 with Panespol. 100% customer focused, she has helped many interior designers and brands make their projects come true thanks to the wide range of wall claddings that Panespol offers.

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