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Franklite – Decorative Hotel Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

Decorative Hotel Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Franklite Ltd has been successfully manufacturing and distributing quality, decorative hotel lighting and emergency lighting to the hospitality, retail and commercial markets since its inception in 1973.

Our expertise includes specialised lighting solutions, such as our in-house designed FRANKLED technology, emergency lighting and dimming capability options available for most of our ranges.

Hotel Lighting

We love to see completed hotel lighting projects, especially when our decorative hotel lighting is used in unique ways, such as this project from the Hilton Gatwick Hotel. The single-drop Cordelia pendant is ideal for above the bar area at Hilton Gatwick. These beautiful satin brushed pendants with textured glass bases are available in gold or silver with some accents of chrome and matt black. The multi-drop versions make a statement in a larger space such as a reception area or staircase.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

The dining area has been divided into two distinct spaces by using different lighting families, the Eros and Spirit ranges. Another exquisite feature in this area is the Eros wall light which has been installed with a frame-like moulding with a decorative wallcovering that accentuates the architecture of the space.

A recent project at the Crown Spa Hotel required the perfect mix of design and practicality with regards to decorative hotel lighting. Choosing the right lighting for a multi-functional space can be challenging, however, the Taper pendant provides both style and functionality and was the ideal choice for this project. Suspended on a matt black braid with pale amber glass these pendants are perfect for high ceilings.

What made this project unusual is how these pendants were modified to fit the multi-level space. The eight individual pendants were grouped together at different lengths to make a single fixture. The eight pendants provide sufficient light in a large space while still creating an interesting design element.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

Putting some spark into the enhancement of the Vista restaurant at the Gleddoch Hotel and Spa – one of the most prestigious spa hotels in Scotland, along with 3 Design we created two clusters of pendant lights within the restaurants recessed ceiling. The Dandy pendants create a warm ambient light along with their defused spikey design offer the perfect selection to complement the interior design scheme.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

Decorative Hotel Lighting

We have extensive ranges of decorative hotel lighting suitable for any application. We never compromise performance over aesthetics or vice versa; upholding our well-earned reputation as a quality lighting manufacturer.

It is always great to see our decorative fittings featured in our customers’ homes. The Wisteria, a delicate chrome finish fitting with an array of impressive crystal glass drops makes a stunning focal point above a large dining table.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

The oval ribbed Almond pendants in clear glass on satin nickel suspensions make an extraordinary centrepiece above a kitchen island. The light cast on the ceiling adds an extra design element to a usually overlooked surface.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

The Prophecy is a brand-new comprehensive range of modern matt black fittings with smoked glass spheres. There are three semi-flush fittings, two pendants for a longer drop, a matching wall bracket and a three-light floor lamp. Against a softer backdrop the bold, smoked globes create a moody aesthetic for a high contrast pop of interest.

Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Franklite’s selection of bathroom lighting is available in a range of designs. From modern, sleek downlights to beautiful flush ceiling fittings with multiple crystal drops and art deco style wall lights, these fittings combine style and functionality perfectly. All our bathroom lighting have ingress protection ratings of either 44, 54 and 65 suitable for use in every bathroom zone except zone 0.

Emergency Lighting

We can offer integrated emergency lighting on a range of our fittings. These reserve battery operated emergency lights are on a separate circuit within the fitting and will last for at least three hours once engaged.

The reserve batteries need only be changed every 2-3 years to maintain efficiency.

LED Lighting

Being the first producer to innovate and introduce low energy chandeliers to the hospitality sector many years ago. Franklite have since leapt forward with the release of our high-performance LED lighting, FRANKled, designed and manufactured in Britain.

This established range of superior LED and low energy products offer truly viable alternatives to traditional energy saving methods.

All our dedicated LED lighting products are manufactured using the most suitable components for the application for which they are intended and are built for longevity vastly reducing the need for lamp maintenance in domestic and commercial applications.


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Decorative Hotel Lighting, Emergency Lighting


Decorative Hotel Lighting

Franklite Customer Service Team

Experts in Decorative Hotel Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Our customer service team are highly trained individuals, with more than 45 years’ experience, who pride themselves in a quick response time. Operating both a proactive and reactive care line, helping customers with their Franklite journey. For enquiries, please contact our team Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:00.

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