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Hotel Cryotherapy Machines

Hotel Cryotherapy Machines – Cryomed

Cryomed is a global leader in whole body cryotherapy machines for Hotels

We have been producing Cryosaunas for whole body cryotherapy (also known as hotel cryotherapy machines, hotel cryotherapy systems, cryocapsules), and local cryotherapy devices – Cryofan (cryotherapy blower) since 2002.

Cryomed continuously improves it’s products through innovation and cutting edge technology. Cryosauna is a system for general hotel cryotherapy in which sessions are done at a temperature of -110 ° C to -190 ° C in the chamber. We ensure that the hotel Cryosaunas we design and manufacture are of high quality, reliable and cost-effective.

Whole body hotel cryotherapy machines – “freeze” into better health.

Cryosauna is the ideal ergonomic and practical solution for hotels, wellness centers and even for beauty parlors or salons.

The cryoprocedure itself takes maximum of 3 minutes, so it is ideal even for business travelers who have every minute of the day scheduled. After the treatment, the customer is ready and motivated to further activities, exercise or work. Cryotherapy positively affects the psychological state and mood of the customer, regenerates the muscles, revitalizes the skin, slows down aging, induces feeling of happiness, reduces stress level and overall rejuvenates the body.

Hotel Cryotherapy Systems – Portfolio consist of 5 products:

Cryomed PRO as a flagship with full safety and sensorial equipment for effective and pleasant whole body hotel cryotherapy treatment

Cryomed ONE as unique, effective, easy to settle and install device with low nitrogen consumption and minimalistic modern design.

Cryofan CF-04 and CF-05 are local cryotherapy devices in 2 different shapes and equipment. CF – 04 as a simple, money saving solution for all physiotherapists, ostheopats, dermatological and other medical practices, with manual set up.

Cryofan CF-05 is brand new device with touch screen which gives to the operator the possibility to set and control temperature and duration of the treatment according to the patients needs.

Cryomed Pro M as a medical version of Cryomed PRO has been certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices, Annex II excluding (4) and is now officially a Medical Cryotherapy Device class 2B.


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