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Cruso – Hotel Furniture Supplier

Cruso – Hotel Furniture Supplier

Cruso is a Belgian furniture manufacturer that puts forth the work of outstanding designers with an environmentally-friendly approach. Each edition is produced in Europe using only genuine wood and emphasizing on sustainable materials. Cruso alternates collaborations with renown designers and the realization of promising designers’ projects. The products have been designed for demanding everyday use and are perfect for large contract projects as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Cruso is a Belgian furniture manufacturer, offering warm and playful furniture created by internationally renowned designers. The company has adopted an eco-friendly production process, using local and sustainable raw materials, manufacturing in Europe and employing land transportation as well as compact packaging solutions.

Cruso products are simple and welcoming. They have been designed for demanding everyday use and are perfect for cosy homes or professional environments.


CRUSO focuses on producing furniture that is contemporary, warm, and that showcases fine craftsmanship. We exclusively collaborate with international designers that cultivate our love for high-quality raw, natural and durable materials. Our collection is warm, inviting and generous in sizing and material, creating an inviting atmosphere in each project.


CRUSO has long reflected on production process ethics and sustainability in the effort of producing quality furniture that is durable and respectful of the environment.
We use local and sustainable materials such as oak, ash wood, walnut and stainless steel. All of our wood types are European. Cruso is proud to concentrate its manufacturing in Europe and employs land transportation using compact packaging solutions such as flat-pack which is easily stockable for our clients.


Our design is pure, timeless and functional, giving the feeling of warmth and coziness.
The refined style combining a craftsmen level of fit give our designs the advantage of elevating every type of space from a hotel lobby to a restaurant passing through hotel rooms. Each of our pieces could easily complement any existing interior design regarding our simple yet sophisticated lines.



Furniture & Furnishings


hotel furniture suppliers
hotel furniture supplier


hotel furniture suppliers

Olivier Stévenart – Founder – Cruso

Expert in Hotel Furniture

Olivier is an expert in prototyping & quality control. He has managed numerous construction works for carpentries. After multiplying large projects, he decided to widen the field of expression of his love for woodworking and furniture. Thus was born CRUSO, a way for him to connect with international
designers, explore materials and reflect on the production process ethics. With CRUSO, the Belgian entrepreneur wants to prove that it is still possible to offer quality furniture, made in Europe, and with eco-friendly materials.

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