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hotel coat hangers

Hotel Coat Hangers from Commercial Hangers

Commercial Hangers specialises in supplying hotel coat hangers.  Our product range includes wooden hotel coat hangers and anti-theft hangers for hotel bedrooms, as well as garment rails, coat rails and numbered cloakroom systems.  We also supply security coat racks for unsupervised cloakrooms. The Chromed Steel Hotel Coat Hangers and virtually unbreakable Polypropylene Clothes Hangers, have been specifically designed for heavy commercial use and are supplied with a 5 year guarantee.

For use in hotel bedrooms, we offer wooden hangers in natural wood finish with either conventional hooks or as nail headed anti-theft versions.  The latter can be supplied with the standard metal ring, or with our patented anti-theft collar which is considerably easier for guests to use and has the added advantage that it can be fitted into wardrobes without the need to remove the wardrobe rail.

For a more luxurious feel we sell hooked padded hangers in Ivory or Black fabric, and Black wooden hangers.

Hotel Coat Hangers (Heavy Duty)

Manufactured from 5.5mm diameter chromed steel rod, our heavy-duty hotel coat hangers are designed for use in public areas and are both good-looking and virtually indestructible. They are guaranteed for five years.  In addition, the fully captive version is impossible to steal.

Heavy Duty Coat Rails for use in function rooms

We have a number of options, all of them suitable for commercial use in public areas, conference rooms or cloakrooms.  These include mobile, static and wall-mounted coat rails.

The key product is our ZRG12 Heavy Duty Coat Rail and our hotel coat hangers which has been tested to take up to a 260KG load and is guaranteed for five years.  It is fitted with large wheels for easy movement over carpeted floors and it has a Z-Frame design for compact nesting when not in use.

Cloakroom Coat Racks for use in unattended cloakrooms

The Lokit Security frame is a solution for cloakroom security where there is no cloakroom attendant present. Based on individual locks, a steel wire attached to a hotel coat hangers is passed through the coat sleeve and locked securely to the bottom rail, using the Lokit lock.  Each lock is numbered and has a corresponding key. The client simply pushes down the top of the key and the Lokit will spring open. They thread the steel wire through the sleeve, hang up the coat and snap the Lokit around the steel wire. This securely locks the wire in place and releases the key for them to retain until they return to collect their coat and reverse the process.

Hotel Coat Hangers (Numbered)

For use in cloakrooms with a permanent attendant. Each hotel coat hangers comes complete with a numbered security hook, which remains on the rail, and a numbered disc that is given to the customer. The disc is returned by the customer when they reclaim their coat. Various combinations of numbered hotel coat hangers of up to 300 positions are available from stock. By use of colour coding the same system can cope with cloakrooms of up to 2000 individual positions.


hotel coat hangers
hotel coat hangers
hotel coat hangers
hotel coat hangers
hotel coat hangers


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Ian Matthews – Managing Director – Commercial Hangers

Expert in Coat Hangers

After a career in office furniture, Ian bought Commercial Hangers in 2004 and has enjoyed running it ever since!  He would be happy to discuss any requirements that you might have for coat hanging solutions, and in particular for the security coat racks for un-attended cloakrooms.


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