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Children's Hotel Furniture

Children’s Interior Decor – Nofred

Children’s Hotel Furniture: The Presence of Children and their Families

Nofred seeks to meet the changing needs of modern spaces and families by creating children’s hotel furniture. Today, we travel more and more with our children and it is essential to consider the small people whilst designing children’s interior decor and the architecture from the beginning of a project.

Every one of Nofred’s products is created so it can be equally appreciated by both adults and children and has the quality and ability to blend in with any hotel’s interior, making the children feel right at home. Because of the impeccable quality, superior craftsmanship and timeless design each piece and each children’s interior decor is made to last throughout generations, which supports a more sustainable culture.

Children’s Interior Decor: Long-lasting, Functional and Aesthetic Design

Nofred’s collection of children’s interior decor includes children’s hotel furniture, accessories, textiles and lighting. Every product is designed so it is equally appreciated by children and adults, and has the aesthetics and functionality to blend in with the overall interior.

With a timeless design, impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship, each piece is created to last and be used for generations, supporting a more sustainable culture.

Children’s Hotel Furniture:  Nofred’s Story

Nofred’s story started in 2014 in Copenhagen, when the two founders Signe and Sandra combined their respective backgrounds from different areas in the creative industry with both of their understanding and love of interior design.

Seeing both their own children playing, they saw a gap in the interior design market for children’s hotel furniture products that are not only suitable for children’s hotel rooms but also blend seamlessly with the adult aesthetics of some hotel rooms. This feeling of togetherness and making children feel at home in every room was the beginning of Nofred.

Founded on the ethos that it is the smaller things that make a larger picture, Signe and Sarah wanted to make unique moments in children’s surroundings and childhoods, and with the quality of their children’s hotel furniture products being exceptional, the aim is for each to last genarations, moving towards a more sustainable culture.


Children's Hotel Furniture

Sandra Kaas Greve – Co-owner/Founder – Nofred

Expert in Children’s Hotel Furniture 

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