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Luxury Hotel Fragrances / Luxury Hotel Candles

Luxury Hotel Fragrances / Luxury Hotel Candles – CALIQ

Create Brand Loyalty with Luxury Hotel Fragrances

The CALIQ collection of signature scents creates a powerful, unique ambiance to welcome your guests. Our luxury hotel fragrances are a skilful blend of scents from both the East and West, inspired by exotic destinations and new discoveries. Enhance your hospitality brand with a signature luxury hotel fragrances that leaves a lasting impression. CALIQ luxury hotel candles are earth-friendly too, made with natural coconut wax and sourced from sustainable suppliers. Each candle is hand-poured, using beautiful, reusable porcelain containers. All our products are made in Switzerland.

Luxury Hotel Fragrances – Memorable Scents

CALIQ luxury hotel fragrances come in three forms: luxury hotel candles candles, diffusers, and perfumes. The Absolute collections focus on essential scents, pure and undiluted. The Fusion collection creates bouquets of expertly mixed fragrances. Both collections highlight the best aromas from all over the world, ranging from sultry tropical Asian traditions to light, sparkling Mediterranean scents and classically inspired European fragrances. East meets West in a fragrant twist that celebrate the best of both worlds, transporting your guests with subtlety and class.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Products

We know the environment is important to your hospitality brand. Every part of CALIQ luxury hotel candles are created to be environmentally-friendly and vegan. From our poured-by-hand luxury hotel candles and luxury hotel fragrances made with clean, smokeless coconut wax, to our non-toxic, organic wicks, all products are sourced through responsible, sustainable vendors. All our jars are made from hand-cast pure porcelain that combines elegance with clean design, making them a fitting addition to any decor style. Even our packing boxes are made with sustainable paulownia wood, an alternative to more damaging materials. Customers stay loyal to brands they feel share their values. Give your guests a warm, high-quality experience that you can feel good about as well.

Luxury Hotel Candles – Unique Scents for Your Brand

Imagine you are walking into your family home. What does it smell like – your favourite dish? Your mother’s rose garden? Your father’s coffee brewing?

Your hospitality brand is one-of-a-kind, and the scent that your customer associate with it should be as well. After all, smell is the strongest sense. It stimulates memory, emotion, and desire. Our luxury hotel candles and luxury hotel fragrances experts will help you create a scent that connects your guests to your brand on a deep sensory level. Stimulate their senses and give them a sense of well-being that they will remember years from now. When they walk back in your hotel, no matter how long it has been, that personalised scent will immediately remind them what luxury smells like.

Join the Scent Revolution

Using luxury hotel fragrances to stimulate connection is not a new field. For years, retail stores and service industry companies have been using designed scents to encourage clients to stay longer in their spaces. A scent that makes your guests feel welcome and calm means they will associate their stay with you the same way. From sparkling citrus notes to musky florals that breathe peace and quiet into a room, the smell of a place is often the first thing a guest will notice. Modern hospitality is no longer just based on the performance of your employees. It is also the performance of your space – the beauty, the sounds, the feel of fabrics, and the luxury hotel fragrances that gently invite them into the room. Take your hospitality game to the next level by designing a bespoke luxury hotel fragrance guests will forever associate with the amazing time they had in your hotel, in unique packaging that fits your individual brand.


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