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decorative trolls for hotels

Decorative Trolls for Hotels

The Danish interior company bySommer was created in 2014 to transform the famous Goodluck Troll toy into decorative trolls for hotels and homely environments. Once again the Good Luck Troll got notoriety and became an icon of Danish design. We are now present in more than 800 stores in Scandinavia and in several European countries.

Goodluck Troll, from toy to design icon

Goodluck Trolls are decorative trolls for hotels made by Polyresine, and following the traditional details from its creator Thomas Dam: tenderness eyes, sweet smile and the arms open to hug. The figurines are hand painted, and have natural sheep wool as hair, that makes it soft and comfortable to touch.

We have three collections: Classic Trolls, Our Heroes and Christmas Trolls.

Each collection tells a story always related to good energy and joy.

At bySommer we transform the worldwide famous Goodluck Troll in a decorative item without losing its essence, becoming a perfect to homes or offices.

Christmas in the Goodluck Forest

At bySommer we are always creating and developing dreams: Welcome to Christmas Trolls of the Pinedam Family. Continuing with the innovation Goodluck Troll family keep to grow and now creates the Christmas Trolls, where the characteristic hair of the troll has been transformed into a charming red elf hat.

The Pinedam Family Christmas trolls can’t wait to move into your homes for Christmas. The family is made up of several members and each of them has a specific job, some are responsible for bringing the Christmas trees home and others for creating the Christmas spirit. But most important of all, is that each of the trolls in the family transmits the joy of Christmas to everyone. With the Pinedam Family we want to wish you great moments of happiness and good luck, which you can share with your Christmas Trolls.

The Pinedam Family Christmas trolls are born from the GoodLuck Troll that was created by Thomas Dam (Gjøl 1915). GoodLuck Troll is also known as Thomas Dam’s most famous creation, which achieved worldwide fame in the 1960s.

The story behind the product

The story behind the product is really nice. Thomas Dam was Danish who liked to carve in wood. He used to carve many kind of figurines like animals. He was a very positive man. In his town people believed in trolls, like most Scandinavian countries. One year during Christmas time, he did not have money to buy a gift to her daughter Laila. So he decided to carve a troll to her, but he wanted to do it in a positive way and he did it with a nice smile, tenderness eyes and the arms open to hug. And he called it “Goodluck Troll”. Everything started there, her daughter played with the troll outside and the other children in the neighborhood also wanted it, so Thomas started carving many Goodluck Trolls. Then he traveled to USA where he got a partner and open a factory in his hometown and start producing Goodluck Troll with rubber material, becoming worldwide famous in the 1960’s.

Our Heroes Collection, to say thank to everyday heroes

This collection born as an idea to pay tribune to everyday heroes. Following the feelings of the creator Thomas Dam, Our Heroes is a collection full of good energy and positivism that want to give recognition to everyday heroes. It means all the people who make a great effort in our daily lifes. Let us pay tribute to everyday heroes who solve everyday tasks and problems, the little and big things that we often take for granted and forget to thank.

Therefore in Our Heroes Collection we have Nurse, Mechanic, Baker, Handyman, Painter, Handball Player, Teacher, among others. All these trolls keep the essence of natural sheep wool as hair and the typical characteristics of a Goodluck Troll.


decorative trolls for hotels

Jesper Sommer – CEO – By Sommer

Expert in Decorative Trolls for Hotels

Jesper Sommer has over 30 years of experience in the home and decor industry. He worked in the best known Danish home deco firms, until 2014 when he had the brilliant idea of transforming the famous Goodluck Troll toy by Thomas Dam into a decoration item. Goodluck troll has not lost its essence, but has become an icon of Danish design, bringing joy in every house and office.




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