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Breakletics – Hotel Fitness Training

Breakletics – Hotel Fitness Training

Breakletics® HIIT the Beat is the unique mix of functional hotel fitness training, infectious beats and effective high intensity interval training is not only a lot of fun but makes you fitter and more mobile than ever before.

Creative functional training exercises train your whole body and improve your mobility, coordination and rhythm. Experience your body in a completely new way!

You will hardly realize that you are working out, because Breakletics® diverse exercises and motivating music are just so much fun!

The very best thing about it: Breakletics® HIIT the Beat is for everybody! The hotel fitness training exercises have different levels and are super-easy to understand. Even participants with two left feet can learn them in seconds. Promise!

The creative concept was developed by multiple German breakdance champion and sports scientist Peter “Petair” Sowinski and inspires an evergrowing global community made of over 100.000 followers and more than 500 instructors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Russia and Japan!

Become part of the workout revolution!

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